What’s the best tyre pressure for off-roading? | A CarAdvice Feature

Four-wheel-drive expert Simon Christie explains the importance of tyre pressures when off-road driving.

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  1. I love your videos but I have a problem with Simon saying no danger in reducing tire pressure. You lower tire pressure to allow the tire to mould around undulations and sharp objects as opposed to being cut by them, not just to increase comfort/traction/environment. Contact patch = Mass.g over Area so it helps prevent tire damage specially on sharp rocks, sticks etc. And there are huge dangers in leaving your tire pressures too low, against what Simon said – keep your speed down or you run the risk of heating up the tire and causing internal damage even when offroad or on sand, as well as the risk of having the tire pull off the wheel on corners, so cornering speed is affected. Not to mention, it can only buldge so much before the rim itself touches ground. The target tire pressure depends on the weight of the vehicle. If you have a Merc Sprinter 4×4, vs a Jimny, they would have vastly different tire pressures to stay afloat on sand, dangerous to just say 15-20psi for all vehicles.

  2. Airing down is easier when you're using automatic tyre deflators, such as the STAUN product. Not just quicker, using STAUN deflators keeps you from having to kneel down at each tire for an extended period of time. And they are so compact, just toss them in the glove box and off you go. Once you see someone else using them, you'll be a believer too! 🙂

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