2017 Chevy Suburban Z71 vs. Ram 1500 Mopar: Which Truck is More Badass?

( ) 2017 Chevy Suburban Z71 Midnight edition vs. Ram 1500 Mopar HEMI Night package. Which one is a more badass truck?

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  1. im a big dodge ram fan. but they're shitty made cheap material and for the price not worth it. i have a 02 with the 4.7 original trans 308,347 on it, different engine of course and i love it however the newer trucks are built to break down and get serviced on entering around 75k if not less.

  2. All I can say is that the American Auto Manufacturers have improved there trucks/suv significantly. There are improvements over their predecessors, but like everything each truck/suv will have their issues, but i was born into a chevy family. I own a 99 K1500 Burb which over the last 18 years has done a great job! I have had some minor set backs (mostly within the last two years), but i will not buy the a brand smacking new one…. "Too damn expensive!" I love these trucks either way. I'm chevy guy through and through???

  3. I'm laughing at the people who say the suburban is not a truck. Look up the classification of the vehicle it's call light truck SUV. The suburban is a truck. What isn't a truck anymore is the explorer SUV. For it not to be considered a truck is it has to be a unibody construction.

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