Chevy TRAX active :SEMA 2016

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  1. i have a 2018 trax love it. im starting to give it the off road apperance similar to this one. The stock wheels are 205's but they dont make bf goodrich ko2's for that size (the coolest looking offroad tires btw) but you can put 215's they make the bf goodrichs for that size. no lifting or anything special just pop em on and they make the trax look awesome. You do get road noise but who cares haha

  2. Chevy should make this with some of there mini truck solid axles they do over in asia, with rear lockers and 31×12.50r20 at tire and those off road bumpers this one has with side and back up camera with off road mode that u can select the rear and side cameras at choice with collision alert! Gps of course and a mini winch all under 25k!!!

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