2017 Dodge Durango Takes on a Snowy Gold Mine Hill Off-Road Review

( ) 2017 Dodge Durango Takes on a Snowy Gold Mine Hill Off-Road Review

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  1. Great video, thanks Roman and TFL.

    Based on the Grand Cherokee — makes sense that it is decent off-road. I wouldn't try to take a Citadel up part 3/3… or R/T or any of the models. Grand Cherokee – any 4×4 model – yes.
    Those of you spewing anti-American auto sentiment: believe what you want. Most of the Jeep models are the overall most American-made products when you actually figure in where parts are sourced from, where each vehicle is made, etc. CR has been biased as heck for years, everyone knows that including themselves lol. Everyone has affirmation bias, but some have it stronger than others or implement it more aggressively.

  2. Such rough terrain. So rough. Glad I have my Dakota to get where I need to go. The new Durango is a city car. Low clearance CAR…

  3. I dented the fender on my 25 k tractor yesterday and was mad and it is for work not show. P.s. Tried to fix it made it worse,bummer.

  4. not everyone needs or wants a truck. Which is more lame, driving a unit body construction awd machine because you have an urban based life, or having that same urban based life and driving a big truck with a tonneau cover on the back and not once in its lifetime using it as a truck? You truck poseurs can stick with your trucks, I need something I can commute an hour to work in in any weather and haul my family comfortably.

  5. Cool review. Yes, I would do stage 3 (and make it) with my Durango Citadel. It has a very mild front lift and 32" all terrain tires. I use it off-road, and use low range too. Drove up some similar keep roads on a recent road trip to Colorado in the snow, and it did very well. Thanks for doing a review that shows at least some of the Durango's capability off-road!

  6. Love Durango's road handling. Low ground clearance lends itself to hard cornering more than off roading in my opinion.
    Sweet ride.

  7. Maybe not hit it faster but let the front wheel hang and spin for second while the computer tries to figure out it needs to grab it with the brake. You know let the brake limited slip try and figure it out a bit before letting off the throttle.

  8. My '15 Durango is bullet proof so far. Zero returns to dealer . FCA is doing a fine job in my opinion . Keep it affordable.
    I think of Durango as a asphalt hugger 1st and foremost. Thanks for cool off road demo. Aces !
    AWD feature seams hungry to climb gold mine hill.

  9. I finally got to play with my 2018 Tiguan in the heavy snow. Wow !!! VW should get an award. It was awesome. Snow Mode killed all the fun of driving in the snow.

    Thanks guys you made me buy it !!!!

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