2017 Ram 2500 4X4 HD Off-Road First Drive Review: Too Big to Play in the Dirt?

( ) 2017 Ram 2500 4X4 HD Off-Road First Drive Review: Too Big to Play in the Dirt?

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  1. $29k paid 1 year ago, 2015 ram 2500, 4×4 quad cab, 6.7L g56 stick, 29,000 miles on truck. 24-28 mpg freeway 20+mpg city, 38-45k miles per set of Firestone tires. 57,000 miles in 9 months!

  2. The 2017 2500 Club Cab Hemi 5.7 4 Wheel drive uses much fuel. 47 miles local here and there on Long Island @ $15.00. [8.129 gls] Is this average? [4 Wheel not engaged.] Open to comments, Thank You all!

  3. IFS trucks are more comfortable. Of course the 4×4 Off Road Package is cheaper than a Power Wagon. The Warn Winch alone probably costs more than that whole package.

  4. I recently bought the Dodge Ram 2500 6.4L Hemi with the off-road package about 3 months ago. The truck is a good mix between off-roading, towing and having room for passengers for a large truck it is very smooth on the highway I just drove this truck from Kentucky to Florida and averaged 18 mpg running about 75 miles an hour.

  5. The Power Wagon is only as capable as a 1/2 ton and is not practical for some who intends to use their truck for towing or hauling.

  6. I get that the tour guide isn’t an expert for the HD trucks but damn, I know all of those questions. My love of vehicles says I can just about answer any questions across all brands. That’s his career. Come on.

  7. When is the full Colorado review and/or side by side comparison with the Power Wagon? I have this truck in the 6.4L Laramie Sport and love it. I use it for moderate off roading in PA terrain and it's done everything I've asked it to. Would like to see a rear full locker and anything besides the firestone AT tires. They are just terrible.

  8. It's like most of their videos it tells you absolutely nothing about the truck other than them driving around talking about how it rides they don't tell you how the Plastics are the interior feel of the Interior anything much about the engine the sound of the engine the pros and cons of the truck very weak

  9. Just a update I’ve had this truck over a year with the hemi 6.4 L off-road package drove it from Kentucky to California and back pulling a 4800 pound trailer and done quite a bit Off Roading. This is a very large truck and heavy but It can Carry my passengers with me comfortably Off road we might be in the mountains or the desert. I’m very happy with my purchase for the amount of money I’ve paid for a brand new truck this truck is also my daily driver the only complaint is it can be a little bouncy ride on the highway if you’re not pulling a trailer. My last Dodge ram lasted 20 years and I drove the crap out of it and I think this truck will do the same if not better hopefully this review help someone have a good day.

  10. I would use this truck for huntin offroad and also towing a tractor. Then using for everyday driver. Then again to pull a 8000lbs TTrailer. What's the benefit or would a 1/2 be the answer?

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