2017 Ram Power Wagon First Drive Off-Road Review: New Look but Same Monster Off-Road Ability

( ) 2017 Ram Power Wagon First Drive Off-Road Review: New Look But Same Monster Off-Road Ability

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  1. Awesome truck for farm or construction work … but too heavy for Jeep trails in the San Juans. Wish I could justify having one in my driveway, but those days are over.

  2. is Nathan still reviewing? still rather have a raptor. and gm are making half hearted attempts at best…meanwhile ford is selling raptors as fast as they can build them

  3. Too big for serious off-roading and who drives a 6.4ltr petrol engine for off road driving. Don't they have hardcore Diesel engines for 'Bush bashing'? Was that supposed to be an off-road test track? Ppffftttt. Some drive ways in county parts of Australia are harsher than that.

  4. They should really have a true product manager or someone more knowledgeable ride along. Bada$$ vehicle but RAM needs rep's that are enthusiasts and know what they are talking about for a vehicle like this. If a question comes up about the axles, you don't answer with the axle ratio, you answer the question and compliment it with gear ratios.

  5. Love the truck… Definitely planning on getting one. Love TFL Truck's channel as well, been a subscriber for a long time now…. This video was abysmal though… The Ram rep could not have been less interested and Andre always looks/sounds out of place to me. Nathan is much better when it comes to truck videos, especially the Power Wagon.

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