Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi – Not Your Average Review!

As usual, we have not provided your typical review of this very capable 2017 Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi. Road test, burnouts, doughnuts, and jumps are what you can expect in this in depth test of this fine American truck!

Parts I would use to make this truck more capable off-road;
Revtek 70004 Aluminum Leveling Kit:
Bilstein 5100 Shock Absorbers:
Icon Vehicle Dynamics 216520 Steering Stabilizer:

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  1. There's a simple thing to do here as I have done which is to report tags like you two dildos to Enterprise for fucking up rental vehicles and trying to pass it off as something else over the internet when called out about it. You do realize you can and will be sued for this bullshit right?

  2. Why do we have to watch crap like this? I wish YouTube would have more guild lines of the type of people they let post videos… These 2 tibe pod munchers are absolute fuckin retards… To bad they didn't roll the Ram and get killed in the accident… Now that, i'd love to watch… i'd be like woohoo… 2 less…

  3. Hello my name is ……. I am the CEO of XYZ rent-a-truck company.. Upon reviewing your YouTube video, we have determined that the damage we found upon the return of your rental last year, was indeed caused by your recklessness. Attached, please find the repair invoice in the amount of $8936.34. Please remit payment as outlined in your contract!

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