Ram Rebel TRX Concept Reveal Video

Meet the Ram Rebel TRX Concept. Rebel TRX is a 100-mph off-road machine with 575 horsepower – the most powerful half-ton truck the company has ever built. Here is its reveal video from the 2016 State Fair of Texas.

Video created by Jay Bernard – FCA Product Design Office



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  1. This is a dream truck you have off road capabilities, hellcat motor , the aggressive look and most importantly is a v8 with crazy power , I'm saving up just in case you do bring it into production

  2. For all those commenting on this video, good news – unofficial rumors are, it is coming.
    Not anytime soon though. The new version of the RAM truck is going to be unveiled at the Auto Show in Detroit a couple weeks from now. The new (non-TRX) Rebel may or may not be there, but it is supposed to be more aggressive than the current Rebel (more off-road oriented). A TRX-like Rebel is rumored to be in the works for a potential 2020 release as a 2021 model year truck.
    Start saving now – it will not be cheap.
    Rumors were in circulation in 2017 about a possible year end release and a $55,000 start price. We know the 2017 year end release date turned out to be wrong and the price seems quite a bit off as well for the following reasons:
    – The cheapest vehicle you can get with a Hellcat engine in it is the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat which starts at $64,000.
    – The base Ram Rebel with only the 5.7L Hemi and 4WD options is already $50,000.
    – The Hellcat crate engine is approximately $20,000.
    That does not look good for a $55,000 Ram Rebel TRX, but more like a $70,000 truck – though they may sacrifice some margin to make it more price competitive with the Raptor (and it's $48,000 start price).

    Check my Ram Rebel TRX Facebook page for latest information and insider hints from other public unofficial sources:

  3. to this day hundreds of hundreds of people want this truck they would buy it and take it over there wife! i mean heck i would to look at it for crying out loud and sadly never went into production

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