Taking the RAM 2500 Offroad

We take the 2015 RAM 2500 6.7L Cummins offroad on some trails and have some fun in the dirt with donuts. The truck has a Pro Comp leveling kit, 35″ Toyo Open Country MTs and Fuel Hostage wheels. The truck is completely stock under the hood.



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  1. [1] – that is NOT offroad… that "trail" as you call it is smoother and better maintained than most dirt roads to peoples houses. [2] Big man, can destroy a well maintained dirt road there for the benefit of everyone. >:( even a yugo can spin out on loose dirt and gravel.

  2. hahaha thats not offroad. An normal mercedes cla could do thoose dirtrode. Ridicolus saying its offroad especially with a big truck like that.

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