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It doesn’t look like the trend of truck and SUV sales outnumbering car sales will be ending anytime soon. And, it’s more than just a reaction to cheap gasoline. It’s also about overall value and usefulness. And an ever growing variety of family trucksters, means there’s a perfect package for just about everyone. But, which one is the best fit for a modern family? Well, that’s what we’re about to find out.

It’s 5-passenger mid-size utilities that are our focus here. And we’re joining our friends at for this run through of five of the segment’s top sellers.

A price cap of $45,000 left plenty of room for features; and we had a mix of ’16 and ’17 models as well as traditional V6 and modern turbo-4 powertrains.

A quick drive north of Chicago, got us into Southern Wisconsin and away from urban sprawl, where we assembled our group… the dynamic-looking Ford Edge…the value-minded Hyundai Santa Fe Sport…the rugged and ready Jeep Grand Cherokee…the sleek and sophisticated Kia Sorento…and the luxury lounge on wheels Nissan Murano…

Complete Road Test:



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  1. I've driven all these cars for work and I have no idea where the hell these guys get there info from. How the Cherokee is number 5 is beyond me. Not comfortable? what? it has A/C seats for the summer and heated seats and steering wheel for the winter, its comfortable as hell.Plus U-Connect blows every other infotainment system away. The Sorento is "all over the place" on the road??? I think that had more to do with them being horrible drivers than it does with the cars suspension because that's another car that drives great that they claim is "uncomfortable". And lastly they make the Murano sound like gods gift to the SUV market when they forget to mention the CVT drone, gawdy fake wood trim, and the frustrating to use AC/ Radio controls.

  2. How about comparing capabilities next time too? The lifted hatchback Murano can tow 1,500lbs, the Jeep Grand Cherokee can tow 6,200 with the V6. That can make a difference.

  3. Owned a Hyundai Santa Fe for about 9 yrs now. Initially was impressed and a good value. But would never own again. After first year trim started falling apart, engine issues like valve cover leakage 3 times and more. This is with proper scheduled maintenance too.

  4. I noticed the girls were talking mostly. I am a man. I want a man's vehicle. If I wanted luxury and lollipop looks I would buy a Lexus or a Caddy. What can these vehicles do when the going gets tough… call a man or AAA?!

  5. I would have chosen the Edge as the number one over the Murano. It looks better, it has more options available (sure, that would bring it over the 45k limit, but it's still brand new) and it doesn't have a crappy CVT.

  6. The G/C is a traditional body-on-frame true SUV not a crossover. So while the prices and some specifications overlap, it doesn't belong here. It should be compared with the Toyota 4Runner.

  7. IMO, the Ford Edge should have came in first place because it's better than its competitors. Nissan Murano got a sucky CVT which is a crutch and a horrible infotainment system.

  8. 44 thousand fucking dollars, and it's FWD?

    Go unfuck yourself Ford. That price and absolutely zero ability as a cross-over. Fucking zero, for well above 40 thousand dollars. Jesus Christ Ford, give your customers the courtesy of a reach-around while you fuck them over.

  9. I’ve driven every single one of these as 2018 & 2019 models, the Murano is by far the most gorgeous, it rides beautifully, the CVT works very well with the V6, plus the interior is stunning, I think the Kia Sorento is a close second for me.

    But if I was in the market for an SUV I’d take the Santa Fe 2.0T, I just really like it, plus the turbo 4 is plenty powerful.

  10. Nissan Murano is great value..its very luxurios interior and very comfortable ride as well..the sexy and unique exterior more thing the zero gravity seats with premium leather is very comfortable and stress free ride quality..murano is number one..???

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