Ford Edge 2017 (ENG) – Test Drive and Review

2017 Ford Edge is a large (by European standards) SUV. Its dimensions put it somewhere around Volkswagen Touareg, Mercedes-Benz GLE or Lexus RX. Until now, if you were looking for a car this size, and you didn’t want to pay 45 grand for a base model, you could choose between KIA Sorento and Hyundai Tucson. Everything else costs at least 50 grand. Ford Edge offers a large boot, and a lot of space for the drive and passengers. It has a lot of American style, but in Europe it is powered by relatively efficient diesel engines. The only real problem with Ford Edge I can think of is lack of optional third row of seats. Ford claims the Edge is a car for young mothers, middle aged people, who want to show off their status, and quinquagenarians. Which group are you in? And do you think Ford Edge would meet your requirements?

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  1. Always a pleasure to watch your reviews, have a good 2017 ! And the Edge… I like the looks, like the size and presence and would definitely get it if it wasn't for the bad lease price at the moment (Germany). Maybe waiting a bit would be a good plan 🙂

  2. I'd take this Mondeo SUV…I mean Edge, over the new Mondeo any day of the week. It's the same thing actually, but different packaging, riding on the same CD4 platform. Which might explain why the new Mondeo is such a porker. A fricking 200kg heavier than similarly specced Passat, FFS!
    I drive a '09 Mk4 Mondeo Titanium and while I love how the new one looks and how tomb quiet it is, I'd rather go for the Edge. The seats in my Mondeo are wider, I'm not boxed in between center console and driver's door, I got hell of a lot more room above my head and it isn't such crap as the new one when it comes to rear view visibility. It's now as bad as a 5 door Insignia to see out of. And that car is the champ of ridiculously poor rear view visibility.
    The Edge? None of those problems, except the weight and price.

  3. With 6 cyl diesel would be much much much …….. much more interesting car. They have those engines in Jaguars, LRs, ..what are they waiting

  4. Great video Marek!, I was in the market for one of these last year, and test drove this but ended up buying the Kia Sorento. Here in the States V6s are the norm on these and with a powerful engine ( 2wd) it scared the crap out me when taking corners and changing lanes. I ended up going for the Kia, drove nicer for me and the better deal was a bonus too.

  5. great review, marek, as always 🙂 i was scared, that you will find any serious problems, cause i´ve ordered edge vignale 2 months ago 😀 i am the middle age group btw. 😀 happy new year, man

  6. so this ford has a base price of over 67000eur where i live so this or a 2 year old porsche cayene og panamere, such a hard choice (not)

  7. This is built 30 mins from my house. They are everywhere and thusly is immediately crossed off my list of cars to be bought. Bat poop coffee? OMG I thought kopi luwak was the last word on strange coffee to be consumed. Good review EH!!

  8. Quinquagenarians, ah dawg gone it!! I'm 60!!! Loved your review and sense of humor. I've had a love for this since I first saw it in 2005? However, the high price, very low mpg stopped me. I finally was able to ride in one this past summer, backseat passenger and front passenger. Meh. 2 different drivers, so it must have been the suspension. I felt apprehensive more so in the front seat. It just didn't seem safe in how it handled the back roads, wobbly and bumpy. Still, very enjoyable video

  9. Just rented 2017 model in America, much better ride then Santafe, but bit worse on millage. Other then that titanium features were nice, like that panoramic sunroof.

  10. I do like the look of the Ford Edge. However I would not invest in one as I feel Fords build quality is rubbish. I'll stick to my 2011 Kia Sorento 2.2 crdi automatic – which when remapped offers more power than the 210ps Edge.

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