Ford Edge runs Ford Ranger off the road

An impatient Ford Edge runs a Ford Ranger off the road. Based on my experience being there at the time, the Ford Edge was driving well. They got stuck behind the Nissan Sentra and the grey car in front of the Ford Ranger because the Sentra and the grey car were driving parallel to each other, and not speeding up to over take, or slow down to allow the Edge or Ranger to pass.

FYI, the speed limit here is 100 km/h, and I was going about 103 km/h, (2 mp/h over the limit of 62 mp/h). They were also going about the same speed as I was, maybe a couple kilometers faster at most.

In the video you can see me slowing down because I know after this turn the left lane ends and there are four cars that need to merge and stay in the right lane. The grey car in the left lane did not seem like it knew this, and the Ford Ranger didn’t seem to either, or they knew, but wanted to get ahead of the grey car and Sentra for driving slowly and not keeping right to make way for it to pass.

Just a shitty situation, caused because of two cars hogging both lanes on a two lane highway. Would never have happened if the grey car kept right, or passed.



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