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The Ford Edge is a big, brash and bold American-style SUV just launched in the UK. Does it have what it takes to beat premium rivals like the Jaguar F-Pace and Mercedes GLC – and is it practical enough to see off family favourites like the Land Rover Discovery Sport and Kia Sorento? We find out.

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  1. I totally love this camp reviewer. he's so exagerrated and makes me smile with every grimace he makes. he's so cute and I feel as if I was watching Little Britain. please keep up the good work. and never change!!!

  2. well well coming from the English who hates everything American, Land /Range rover have a terrible reliability issue, had a Freelander once, look nice but have to swap it for a Rav 4 as me and my mates ends up in the garage more rather than meeting in the pub.

  3. The fact that the diesel struggles to move the car highlights the problem with One Ford. In the US you get to pick from a 2.0 four pot EcoBoost, 3.5 V6 or a 2.7 V6 twin turbo EcoBoost. That's what the car's designed for, not a European eco-diesel.

  4. the price for this is just insane… 37K for a Ford???
    Skoda Kodiaq is coming starting at around 23K and up to 34K for a full spec model. Same size as this Ford, cheaper and with 7 seats… C'mon Ford!

  5. *Dont buy a Ford, the Kugas are exploding in South Africa and recently in New Zealand.

    Ford South Africa doesn't care about their customers. A man had to die before Ford South Africa issued a recall. 50 Ford Kugas were on fire in South Africa. None of the Kuga owners want to keep the vehicles. Ford will only buy back the Kugas from them, if they buy another Ford.

    It has become ugly & the family who lost a loved 1 & few other owners are suing Ford South Africa. The Ceo of Ford SA has been rude, arrogant, slow to react and not compassionate. I have nothing 2 gain but will always tell people about what is happening here.

    Please do not buy a Ford! *

  6. it looks horrible . I'd much rather have a galaxy , s-max or mondeo , Ateca , Kuga , ranger or a discovery .

    I think this is the worst looking ford since the Scorpio or arguably the ecosport .

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