2017 GMC Acadia All Terrain Review – Less Seats, More Terrain

The all-new 2017 GMC Acadia All-Terrain loses 2 seats and gains a bit more capability off the beaten path, but is it truly as mean as it looks? M.S.R.P. – $47,465.

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  1. So am I the only one that remembers the GMC Envoy the interior "center console" reminds me of that vehicle….anyone have the specs to compare the two…I am pretty sure just by eye balling..its the same size give or take….Envoy 2.0…but still too much money and the build quality is not there it rattles too much for the price…I rather buy a volvo xc90…

  2. I like the All Terrain features but did not like the butterscotch leather only seat color available and the gray bottom plastic skirt cladding. the image of the $42K just looks economy model! Ugh!

  3. Well done! That was a great review. The new styling is much better than the outgoing model. Thank goodness they didn't use the push button shifter like on the new Terrain. How was rough road compliance?

  4. I prefer the black trim over all the Denali's chrome, but we need 6 seats and want up scale as our retirement road trip vehicle. Guess there is always PlastiDip. Love your vid/review, provided a great deal of useful info. USAF Retired.

  5. Hey, great review. We're looking at the Acadia for a replacement family car, though we want three rows.
    Not trying to be disrespectful, but, in your video title, you should say "Fewer" seats, not "Less."
    "Fewer" is for words representing things that you can count, or that you can break down into individual units, such as "fewer seats" or "fewer miles." "Less" is for words representing things that you can't count or break down into units, such as "less fuel" or "less power."

    That said, your production quality is pretty good, so keep up the good work!

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