2017 GMC Sierra 2500HD All Terrain X Off-Road First Drive Review

( ) 2017 GMC Sierra 2500HD All Terrain X Off-Road First Drive Review

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  1. DEF is crap being shoved down our throats. and that filter I saw when you went over your camera, seems like a good one that would get ripped off. I'll buy an older model or a gasser.

  2. +GMC Honestly GM you can build the leader of the off road industry but you refuse to, why? You already own the luxury market and have a staple SUV. Why can you not just build the best off road truck possible just to apease us I know you like compatition but if you don't build one soon I will have to buy a Power Wagon and we both know that you can do better!

  3. I'm am A GM guy but I wouldn't pay a penny more over 30k for this truck, suspension sucks, I tried rancho's on mine and it's like no suspension at all, worthless airdam, that tank hanging low, skid plates???

  4. it looks good and I love the duramax, but this is nothing but cosmetic. …the def tank and oil filter is exposed….this is built for malls….much rather have a raptor

  5. HAHA!!!! That DEF tank… What the hell were they thinking?
    Great video production as always though guys! Thumbs up for the video thumbs down for the truck.

  6. Off road my ass come run down the roads I drive every day he wouldn't drive that over 15 mph and everyone pushes there trucks to 60-70 mph because we have places to go and have to buy a new truck every 3-4 years or they will leave you walking

  7. Ha they still have the oil filter underneath not protected… fail
    No skid plates…. another fail.
    DEF Tank location….fail
    Stupid plastic front skirt….fail

    They need to make a ZR2 edition like the new Caynon that's coming out.

  8. Nobody here would be serious off roading in a brand new truck (any make and model) unless there 20 and mommy bought it for them. That being said this truck would look real nice without the light bar and sport bar.

  9. What a joke! DEF tank too low, light bar, rancho shocks, some nice tires on blacked out wheels! There is nothing special here! This is no better then BRP smacking a bunch of 'X's on half the snowmobiles coming off their assembly lines. GM….get off your F…king ass, loosen up the purse strings and make a real off road F..king truck. Stop wasting time and money on this cookie cutter truck shit. Also, it looks like shit!

  10. Oh man, is this the same truck mechanicaly as a Silverado 2500hd with the new Duramax engine and LTZ package? The reason I ask is because my Silverado 2500hd has the Rancho shocks also.

  11. I HATE how when ever a car company "FLYS HIM OUT" somewhere its always a shit off-road course that anyway rav4 can do. Take it up Gold Mine hill or I won't take it seriously. I love watching these guys I just hate how the Auto Companies pay them big bucks for shitty courses and promotion. but its all good, I know they need to make money just like you and me.

  12. I have the standard All-Terrain HD; same as this, except for the Duratracs and light bar, which isn’t really a selling point for me at all. The truck itself is beautiful and has great fit & finish, but the DEF tank and front air dam are real head scratchers, for sure.

    Is the tire size & front end height the same on the “X”?

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