2017 GMC Sierra SLT 1500 5.3 L V8 Road Test & Review

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  1. I just bought a brand-new 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE. I love the vehicle. It is the best truck I have ever owned. I went with the Crimson red, the only problem with the Crimson red is that he was an extra $485.

  2. We have a 2000 Silverado extended cab short bed and a 2017 Sierra crew cab short bed. in terms of garage spacing, they are almost completely the same.

  3. Looks allot alike to the Chevrolet Silverado from the interior my boy from the grill well ok not much but I think that GMC should put a little more effort into making bigger changes I mean, it is a different truck isn't.

  4. I've got a 2016 GMC Denali ultimate white tricoat – gladly will hand off if you like the lack of rear seat climate control, keyed ignition, and a poor mileage 5.3. I would not recommend one of these things unless you don't have kids or and a dog and use the back seat for storage and like putting a key in the ignition.

  5. Just bought a 17 Silverado High Country 6.2L it's a beast. Highly recommended that everyone install a catch can and clean side separator it's a must for Direct Injection.

  6. if i get a brand new truck i am really considering the gmc sierra, why not the silverado? in the silverado you can only get the 6.2 in the ltz or high country, while in the sierra you can get it in the SLT

  7. You're wrong about that buddy GM does have a performance truck just like Ford's Raptor check out the Rocky Ridge Callaway Edition it's a 6.2L with a supercharger under the hood the Raptor has nothing on it

  8. This truck is garbage. $53k truck and the transmission slams so hard between first and second that people outside of it can hear it. GM claims it wont break so its not a problem. 7th silverado/sierrra I have owned. Now the last. Never again. Will be trading it back in on a Toyota very soon and cutting my losses.

  9. Its exactly the same as the Silverado in everyday. The sierra just comes with more standard features. If you get an Ltz silverado you'll get just as nice interior. Stop trashing the Silverado when comparing it to the Silverado. They're the same. It all depends on how it's optioned. You can't compare an lt to a slt.

  10. I just bought a brand new 2018 GMC SLT Z71 crew cab a few days ago and it is bad ass. Plenty of power and it looks exactly like the one in the video I highly recommend this truck u won't be disappointed.

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