Can the 2018 GMC Terrain Denali Take on the World’s Toughest Towing Test?

( ) Can the 2018 GMC Terrain Denali Take on the World’s Toughest Towing Test?

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  1. How is a button transmission an issue? Transmissions have been electronically controlled since the 90s , those positions on the shift lever are just "buttons" controlled with electricity the same as everything else..

  2. Nathan and Andre, have you guys done this towing test with the 2017 Ford Escape and 2.0 Turbo and 3500 lb. towing package?
    I'd like to see this.

  3. 45k is a typical high number that has proven that the price it high and hope it will fly. If not give out the end of year discounts and get rid of them for at or below what the market will bare

  4. Ok now what’s the price? See I own a 2015 Cherokee V6 4x4AWD with the factory tow package. I reg tow a 3,300 trailer with all o 500 of me the wife and dogs and a lot of stuff without a sweat. Now Jeep is bringing their own 2.0 turbo and feel it a better vehicle for less money with more capacity and nicer interior, again for less money. Plus the new upgrade gives it better looks. Even at the same price for an Overland, you get better off road capacity and towing with a nicer all around style.

  5. Why not? People used to tow with GM A-body wagons all the time, that's what this basically is in terms of market position.

  6. If I read that gas pump correctly, they paid an extra 60¢ per gallon more for only 91-octane fuel. Just to get best performance? That's unfortunate.

  7. So even with a 2.0L tubro-charged 4 cylinder engine with a 9-speed transmission it still is only rated at 21 mpg city and 26 mpg hwy. That's very similar to what many AWD 3.5L V6 engines get. If it could get another 3-4 mpg I think it'd be a much easier sell. I really don't see any benefit that's gained.

  8. How is setting the transmission in the gear you want letting the vehicle do what it wants? You should have counted brake applications like every other vehicle.

  9. Hey guys, this was a great video! I am in the market for a crossover and towing capacity is something important to me. This video was very clarifying and I would like to see more of these. You guys rock!

  10. Would love to see vehicles like the explorer and pathfinder tested. Especially a pathfinder with a CVT to see how it compares to others during the long uphill pull. My pathfinder although sluggish to get started as most CVT it seems to do decent when fully loaded with passengers up a steep grade. CVT seems to keep engine in peak torque and it's a smooth ride up.

  11. EISENHOWER! i've been up and down that hill about a thousand times – once had an engine let go at the top & limped it over the service road above the tunnel & coasted back to Dillon

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