GMC Acadia Denali 2017 Review | TestDriveNow Video Review of the all-new 2017 GMC Acadia Denali AWD by automotive critic Steve Hammes. MSRP as-tested: $52,185. This all-new model is bucking the trend by going smaller. Check out TestDriveNow auto critic Steve Hammes’ full review of the 2017 GMC ACADIA @ #TDN #DTwithSteveHammes #GMC #acadia #testdrivenow

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GMC Acadia Denali 2017 Review | TestDriveNow




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  1. I think the interior is definitely a nice upgrade from the previous Acadias (I don't know how I feel about the exterior), however, for $52K, I think GM should put nicer seats in the Denali. The Explorer Platinum, also around $52K, may seem like a joke for paying that much for a vehicle that isn't a luxury brand, however it does have nice Nirvana Leather seats. I think GM should do something like that, in my opinion.

  2. the features that are missing are available on the more expensive xt5. if GMC offered everything the Cadillac offered it would certainly undercut the reasoning in buying a Cadillac. few 50k mainstream cuvs have all those features.

  3. As always good vid… I agree on all points and the price??? Do they want Hyundai and Kia to rule? Even American style, U can get a full size for same price or less and have comparable mpg, more room and better options! design is weak.. I think shrinking fit is a big mistake … shame they is a winner for a while!

  4. Is there any online resource which gives details about the AWD system in non-AllTerrain trim levels? Most of the online resources talk about twin-clutch AWD system of all-terrain. How does AWD in 2017 Acadia compare to SH-AWD or Quattro ?

  5. Hi Steve….I'm a bit surprised you didn't talk more about the fit and finish of the interior. My wife and I recently had an opportunity to sit in a 2017 and we were very surprised about the poor quality of the interior….especially at the higher price range. There were uneven gaps, hard plastic everywhere, and the quality of the buttons looked poor. We compared the interior to the new MX-9 and there was no comparison. The Mazda's interior was superior.

  6. So they brought back the GMC Envoy?? Looks like my old 04 GMC Envoy which I miss and that 4.2 Straight 6 was a great engine….but this model is still too expensive for the lack of options…for that money I think I rather pick up the XC90…

  7. The "All Terrain" is not slotted directly under the Denali trim level… the SLT-2 is, which can be had with the "All Terrain" package.

  8. There is no "foot activated" rear hatch on the new Acadia… not on ANY trim level. So yeah, I guess it would seem to be temperamental when it didn't work. Sheesh, seriously; learn the car before trying to review it!

  9. We test drove a 2018 of this after our 2004 Bravada Final 500 was totaled by red-light runner. I think it's an attractive looking crossover, and we considered it because it reminded us of our Bravada, its exterior dimensions were similar, and we had a good customer relationship with the Buick-GMC dealer.

    The things we disliked: access through the rear doors was a pain in the rear, even for the 2nd row – though the 3rd row was the real challenge. But we actually didn't have a regular need for a 3rd row, so that wasn't a deal breaker. What was shocking to me was my driving impressions. I see a lot of reviews comparing it to the previous Acadia, which I've never driven and was too bloated for our tastes… and I see those comparisons say how the new Acadia handles better. That's probably true. But you know what it didn't handle better than? Our 2004 Bravada. No joke.

    We took this along some winding roads nearby, ones we've driven regularly in the Bravada, and it swayed back & forth like an express boat to Catalina. It did not feel as sure-footed, and prompted me to drive a lot more cautiously than I had in our Olds. So I had reservations. But we still considered it…

    Then came the negotiation – and the PRICE. Oh, they want 1st tier luxury car cash levels for the Denali. But it falls short of that category in SO many ways. It offers only the minimum industry standard warranty (though it sells alongside Buick, which offers 4-year / 50K miles) – even our Bravada came standard with a 5-year / 60K. I couldn't see anything substantial that would put this above a top-tier Chevy. I thought GM had gone crazy… and maybe they have.

    We actually ended up purchasing a Santa Fe Ultimate for about $9K less. It had everything the Acadia Denali did and then some (except for the 3rd row, which as I said wasn't a must-have for us) – hello panoramic glass roof, it actually had tighter interior fit & finish with what I'd say are comparable materials if not better, a far superior and less costly safety service (BlueLink vs. Onstar) with a free first 3 years… and a way better warranty. It's also far more confident on the road.

    This was the first time in almost 2 decades that we purchased a non-GM vehicle… I still get perplexed about what GM is thinking with their product & sales strategy, and the overall direction they're heading in. It's almost too easy to find a worthy-to-superior competitor at a more sensible price.

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