Road Test: 2017 GMC Acadia – Downsized Upgrade

One constant you can put up there with death and taxes, is people always want more. So, it’s usually the case for each new generation of vehicle to get bigger and bigger. Well, GM has proved before they’re not afraid to give people more from less, and that’s the story behind this new GMC Acadia, so let’s hear more about it.

Trivia question: What was the first modern 3-row crossover? If you said the 2007 Saturn Outlook, congratulate yourself. If you said the 07’ GMC Acadia; well, you’re half right as it did share its chassis with the Outlook. And if you’re saying “what is a Saturn?” Well, you’ll have to google it, as we must move on and start talking about this 2017 GMC Acadia…

Complete Road Test:



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  1. Outlook was definitely not the first three row crossover. Inaccurate. I know the Honda Pilot debuted with 3 rows on a car based chassis in 2003. And I won't even claim this was the first. Suzuki XL7 comes to mind before that, don't know if it's a crossover.

  2. Went from a 2014 Traverse to the 2017 Acadia. it performed well on the test drive but after having it a few weeks it is a piece of garbage. It has a very rough ride, and shifts roughly. The old Traverse was a much better vehicle

  3. The styling looked like a modern take on our 2004 Bravada (sadly just totaled in an accident), so we shopped it & test-drove a Denali. It was smooth, decent power, beautiful interior. But the BODY-LEAN… whoa. Our 13-year old 100K miles Bravada, which of course was truck based, felt much more stable by comparison. The Denali pushes the pricing envelope, too – it leaves the "attainable luxury" segment and attempts to play in an unrealistic territory. Being realistic, you can have a comparable-to-better CUV and overall better ownership experience elsewhere for (even much) less than $50K.

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