Off Road Testing of the New Lift and Suspension on the Jeep Wrangler JKU Rubicon on 37″ BFG’s

Here’s a quick test drive of the NEW MetalCloak Game Changer 3.5 suspension on the Autoedit Jeep Wrangler Rubicon JKU ! Plus, there are some great POV gopro shots of the Six Pack shocks and suspension working underneath the Jeep. This is a quickie video and I didn’t hit anything hard YET!
There will be lots more testing and videos to come so keep checking back for more! Work has kept me pretty busy so I just took a few hours to get this video up for you guys!



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  1. Some advice but when you go wheeling air down your tires and get yourself a good air compressor to take with you Viair 400p is what I use. Get a feel for when to use your lockers as well and DC those sway bars. Nice project though. I've enjoyed your vids.

  2. I see you posted the vid earlier this year, and I heard you say in a previous vid that you were in SoCal. If you haven't gone up to big bear yet and want to get more comfortable with your rig, hit up one of the many Jeep pages and try and make a run up there. I have a 2000 Tj with a 3.5in lift and 33's and did John Bull, that was of course with experienced guys, good spotters and taking it easy. But you would be surprised at how capable that JK is, once you start getting into some bigger trails. Hopefully I see ya out one day, but best of luck and nice rig!

  3. Well done Jason. Great to watch. I’m your newest subscriber. Very enjoyable viewing. Excellent editing. Loved the different angles and different terrains. Well done.

  4. Is it standard practice to leave those polished hard chrome shock rods just exposed to the sand and rocks and salt and whatever else gets thrown on them? That would bother me. Not to mention the seals.

  5. Air down more and you'll walk up that hill with no wheel spin at all. Get those tires down to 12 or 13 psi. Disconnect sway bar. You are missing out on the 2 key things that'll make your rig perform way better and they cost next to nothing.

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