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It’s almost time to day goodbye to a legend.

First though, we’ve got one last bush bash planned for our long-term 2016 Land Rover Discovery SDV6. As such, we have to slog our way out of the city. The harsh reality for all 4WD fans who live anywhere near a major city in Australia is readily apparent. There’s plenty of sealed surfaces that need to be accounted for, before you get to your favoured terrain – dirt/mud/sand whatever your poison. Beyond that threshold, there’s proper 4WDing to be had of course, but there’s a lot of sealed road driving before you get there.

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  1. You know what they say… If you wanna get to the end of the world, take a Land Rover… But if you want to get to the end of the world and back, take a Toyota 😉

  2. Lift your LR3, LR4, Sport or Full Size Range Rover with a
    2.5 inch lift kit from Johnson Rods starting at $185. Get larger tires, improve
    off road performance. Check out our tire size chart and 18" wheels for off
    road and more tire selection.

  3. The only problem I have with my land rover compared to the jeeps and the Toyota I have had is the Land Rover just feels too nice to drive in such rough conditions. Otherwise its the best off road vehicle I have owned and driven.Just point and go.

  4. Queen of cars 🙂 What it does lack though are manually lockable differentials, and even accepting the automatic version of them, the central is standard, the rear is optional and the front is not there, neither as an option.

    The petrol version has the rear diff standard though. Oh wait, subaru's all have a rear lsd and central too… weird that a proper off road delegates to electronics the front diff function.

    This said this is my fav car ever. Superb off road stock even with the ridiculous 19" wheels (LR won't allow 18" due to the larger calipers in the post 2010 4 version), great on road. Mind you, it still is a 3 ton beast and driving it you must be careful not to forget about the weight that the engine conceals so well.

    Consumptions are nowhere near the declared figures – being around 12l/100km.

    And do remove the EGR automatic opening and the car-fraud-of-the-century DPF filter, they make the car respectively smoky and choked..

    One last notice to wannabe buyers – this vehicle is expensive to operate, and the diesel is not the issue. Turbo covers, compressor, suspension's compressor, all sorts of small things that occasionally break… you got to love your car and be able to show this love with big bills – and you need a specialist even for a simple oil change, this vehicle needs willing experts and dedicated tools to be serviced – consider removing the cabin is necessary for somejobs, since the engine is connected to the ladder-like frame and not to the car body…

    Agreed, this is the last of it's kind – and unique / irreplaced by others. While the G Mercedes is better for it's 3 manual lockable differentials, the rest of the experience is crap compared to this one. Plus the price skyrocketed since it's now a status symbol…

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