2017 Land Rover Discovery Off-Road Review: Driving the Road Less Traveled

( ) 2017 Land Rover Discovery Off-Road Review: Driving the Road Less Traveled

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  1. Deep down everyone's afraid of bending tin. Unfortunately, people don't realize it until they aim for the neighbors dog instead of another vehicle when they've lost control.

  2. I miss the old Land Rover look. The disco looked like a safari car. This looks like any other SUV. It's kind of sad. They don't even break down like they used to lmfao.

  3. I wonder if JLR has learned anything from the LR4? The LR4 was a great off roader, but was way too heavy. You also can't fit anything less than a 19" (maybe 18", memory hazy) wheel to the vehicle, which means good luck finding a meaty set of tires with a legitimate sidewall. It looks absolutely impossible to fit any sort of aftermarket bumpers to this vehicle for protection.

    This all doesn't bode well for the next Defender. I like to think of myself as fairly open minded… but no ladder frame, no solid axles, and the vehicles that are being put our by the company these days… I'm not anticipating much. RIP to the off road legacy of Land Rover.

  4. LR if you are reading please offer a stick shift for people that know how to really drive off road!!!! I would pay more for it! I pay after market for it now!!!!!!!

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