2017 NEW Land Rover DISCOVERY … OFFROAD TEST + Camouflage Kids

New Discovery kept under wraps with the help of child’s play…

In order to create the world’s most capable family #suv you must first understand the needs of the world’s most capable families.

That’s why Land Rover’s designers and engineers take their work home with them.

Throughout the thousands of hours of development that go into making an all-new Land Rover, there’s a team of children testing, challenging and representing the needs of the modern family every day. And the toughest thing of all? Keeping everything their mums and dads do a secret right up until the new car is revealed.

So who better to create the final camouflage #design for the new Land Rover #discovery than the junior brains who already know the new vehicle inside out? Tasked with hiding the new Land Rover Discovery’s #design details, the children, aged between five and nine, set to work on drawing their favourite days out and, of course, signing their names against their work.

The finishing touch? The thick coat of mud applied as the New #discovery proves its world-class capability to seven happy family members inside.

Alex Heslop, Land Rover’s Chief Engineer for #discovery, said: “Being able to get the children involved in our final camouflage #design brought a smile to all our faces. They don’t always realise it, but these kids have played a major role in developing the New #discovery.

“There is no better insight into the needs of the modern family than the first-hand experience we glean at home. That’s why we have up to nine USB ports to charge everyone’s devices, why we’ve got space to hide four iPads away securely and why every seat has been designed to be the best seat in the house.”

The New #discovery embodies Land Rover’s drive to go Above and Beyond, combining British desirability with an unstoppable spirit of adventure.

Packed with technology for the family, the digital #discovery features a system that allows owners to configure their vehicle seating through the InControl Remote app on their smartphone from anywhere. The world-firstIntelligent Seat Fold technology enables the two rear rows of seats to be fully reconfigured in as little as 14 seconds via the InControl Remote app downloaded on any iOS or Android operating system.
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  1. Another FAMILY WAGON. There is no way that thing will take the abuse of an overland excursion through Africa, South America, Canada, Alaska, let alone the Sonoran deserts. It's designed for families who take their kids to Disney Land. 99.9% of buyers will be soccer moms.

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