Land Rover Discovery 4 – Glasshouse Mountains Powerlines Track

Land Rover Discovery 4 – Glasshouse Mountains Powerlines Track
February 2017 – Group trip



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  1. Cool, awesome drive. Gotta keep that right foot steady when Terrain Response works. Get my wheels soon, how you liking the KO2's? Are they KO2's?

  2. Awesome driving. Have you had any problems since you put the wheels on??? I have same vehicle 2015- SCV6 with 18" compomotive rims on 265/60 18. Had them for around 8000km my car suddenly will not rev past 3000rpm. Took it to the LANDROVER they said it because the tyres are over size. They won't touch it said i need to fit 255/60/18 and the problem will go away. Im interested to know if you or any of the other LR4 in the group have had similar issues.
    Thanks Ant

  3. Nice driving mate. I went out to the power line tracks. But I followed it straight. Passed a burnt out car and up. Where about are these tracks. Do they run off from the powerline track?

  4. Awesome stuff. wish we had a few newer ones join us in sydney. Will be coming up in January for a Glassy run.

  5. Wow great video. I own a LR3 and the next time somebody tells me that Land Rover can't go off-roading I will be showing them your video.

  6. nice video! is this fitted with the rear diff lock? bloody impossible to find one with the option but ive had a few people tell me they traction control/cdl is just as good without it

  7. I´m a Jeep guy, but this video was entertaining. Awesome job on the camera, driving and spotting, and that Disco looks damn good!

  8. Beautifull LR4 but for the next time, I recommend that you be careful when you leave the road. Or better, check the LR driving techniques. You should never brake on a downhill. Blocking difference in a low gear will help.


  9. Well done, guys! Some parts looked scary at times, but you managed unscathed (I presume). Good practice and skills beat most pits and hills, but with a vehicle like this — and as they say in Land Rover — you can tackle anything thrown at you. I personally also relish the feeling of — after a day off roading like that — getting back on a paved even road, switching my LR3 back to "normal" and speeding off (a great thrill of contrast with both rough terrain and highway managed well). Few — really few — other vehicles give you the versatility and convenience level on all surfaces like Land Rovers do.

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