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We review the new Land Rover Discovery, the latest large SUV from Land Rover. It’s lighter, cleaner, faster and more efficient than any other before it: and it looks radically different from previous-generation Discoverys, too.

In this Land Rover Discovery review, we find out if the changes keep the Discovery at the top of the SUV pile, or whether cars like the Volvo XC90, BMW X5 and Audi Q7 will give it a hard time.

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  1. It will grow on people, just like the 'Postman Pat' Discovery3 did. Can't say I'm a fan of the backend design, either from the back or, especially from the side. Mercedes did that side style back in 1999 on its ML model and I didn't like it then and I still don't like it.
    I went to a LR dealer around New Year time wanting to buy a Discovery 5, and I'd configured it beforehand and knew exactly what I wanted. The saleswoman was only interested in selling a Discovery Sport though and I didn't like her and she probably didn't like me, although all she had to do was take my order. But no, that was too easy for her. The result being that I'm taking delivery of a Volvo XC90 Inscription D5 on March 1st, next Tuesday.
    Before anyone comments, no I don't want to tow 3.5 tons and no, I don't want to ford deep water with it. I've got a couple of other vehicles that will do all that, and I can reverse perfectly well with a trailer on with some speed and precision without fumbling about with some nobs in the centre console.
    I would have waited for the Discovery 5 though, as in four cylinder guise with a few extras, it is actually relatively good value for money and is no doubt a superb vehicle. Pity about the dealer though. If it was the first time that dealer has mucked me about, perhaps I would have been more persistent, but it is not. Years ago I was in the market for a Range Rover. A 2005 model. I made an initial enquiry on the Saturday and told the dealer principal that I would be up with my family on the Monday to see it. We all went. On the Monday he refused to even open the door of the vehicle he had in stock for us to look inside. So I bought a Range Rover from a more obliging dealer who has since gone out of business. The same boss is in charge today, although I didn't talk to him this time.

  2. Excellent off road until it breaks. I'm getting a truck as an offroader after no end of problems with my last Land Rover. Car was in the dealership for repairs 10+ times over 3 years. Glad to be rid of it.

  3. The English people when they speak have to realize  that they are difficult for the rest of the world to understand and try and speak more on a level plane instead of that stop start short sound up and down speech pattern , its actually annoying to listen too.

  4. There is something about the back half of the car that does not sit well, it looks like it has broken springs and has lifted up higher than it should be and that section aft of back door looks out of place and fills in too much and the foreword lean looks wrong , had my bitch and now I am happy , now have yours .

  5. I have been a big fan of the old Discovery and almost ordered one at the end of 2015 but stayed put when I heared it will ship not earlier than April 2016 and then the new model will have been unveiled.
    Well, at first I liked the new Disco but the more I see it (also in real life) the more – and this is unusual – I think it is an ugly looking car. I want a boxy old Land Rover, dammit!
    Also being a veteran IT guy of +25 years in business I do not like where new car designs are going. Touch screens are smeared with greasy fingers and can't be read in sunlight anymore (yeah, I've got one on my new 4×4). Give me back my switches and knobs.
    Seats that fold by buttons and apps? Cool, but prone to failure. When I checked out the new Disco at the Vienna car show in January it was set up with 7 seats. I wanted to lower the 2nd and 3rd rows to measure the boot and was not able to. The very nice woman from Land Rover Austria told me, that "sorry, this is not possible as the car's ignition is off".
    Fook that! When the warranty is over these modern cars will be scrap material. Or VERY expensive to fix.

  6. Everyone I know who knows cars, says to me how unreliable Land Rovers are. What do you guys think? I wanted a Discovery. They look cool but they seem to have a reputation. Comments please!

  7. It’s true what he said about British reviews..only In British reviews you hear comparisons to a Jaguar when they drive an Audi or something.. jaguar is a rare sight in most part of the world

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