2016 Lexus LX 570: Just How Good Is The Most Expensive Lexus? – Ignition Ep. 158

On this episode of Ignition presented by Tire Rack ( Jonny Lieberman takes a long, hard look at the reskinned-for-2016 Lexus LX 570. For many moons, the Lexus LX has been as anonymous as any near-six-figure vehicle, with only its mechanical twin—the Toyota Land Cruiser—being more incognito. Lexus is on a campaign to change its image, and the LX 570’s new sheetmetal clearly indicates this truck ain’t no wallflower. No shrinking violet, neither. Oh yeah, the LX 570 is a truck—a great big one. There’s a 383hp V-8 under the hood, nestled between the rails of an actual frame. Also bolted to that frame is a bunch of beefy, hardened, off-road parts that supposedly make the LX quite capable off-road. But no one takes these things into dirt or up rocks. Three-row luxury SUVs like this big, old Lexus are just for picking up the kids at soccer practice and dropping ’em off at ballet. Not even Lieberman is crazy enough to scratch the paint up, is he? Watch and find out!

Ignition appears every other Monday on the Motor Trend Youtube channel.

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  1. Toyota Landcruiser has reputation of been the "King of the Road" outback Australia. With exceptional off road capabilities and it take you and the family anywhere wanted equipped with either 7 or 8 seaters and huge fuel tanks while Lexus cuts out this features. It's rock solid built which can last over 25 plus years and a high demand for after sale. It will not let you down or break down middle of no where. Not sure anyone will take their Lexus LX off road because price tag $$$$$$ and low approach angles…..

  2. There is nothing on the road that looked like a lx 570 it’s a beauty,in other words it looks like predator spaceship.And the craftsmanship is amazing,nothing like lx 570 Range Rover,Escalade,Lincoln Navigator and Audi Q7 are all garbage in front of the lx.

  3. lmao. landcruiser is the smarter buy because of the perfect balance it has of style, design, comfort, and off road capability. im currently in yemen and i own a 96 landcruiser VXR and use for mountain climbing and offroad use for everyday life. the reliability is unmatched with toyota.

  4. This vehicle is purchased by and designed for people with annual incomes of $250k+. They are not concerned with annual repair costs or gas mileage. They are buying this car for a comfortable ride and and the convenience of it not leaving them stranded.

  5. The lx 570 feels under stress to you because of several reasons,it’s body on frame secondly the engine is naturally aspirated no turbos thirdly it’s full time four-wheel drive which means the power of the engine is constantly going to all four wheels.The weight of this beast predator is 2800kg.These are the reasons the engine feels under stress,it’s ok nowadays even if you put a high flow air filter it’s going to increase horsepower and torque,racechips are another option to further enhance the performance of the vehicle by more hp and torque.Lexus should I think make the lx 570 body out of aluminium without sacrificing the v8 engines unlike the Lincoln Navigator and offer AWD as an option because it’s putting engine under stress.

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