2017 Lexus NX 300h Hybrid Takes on The Gold Mine Hill Off-Road Review

( ) 2017 Lexus NX 300h Hybrid Takes on The Gold Mine Hill Off-Road Review

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  1. 95% owners will never ever take this car off road. I do understand it's a test and with the right tires, the car probably would made it up that hill.

  2. Hey Nathan, remember whenever i said go drive a minivan?
    Drive a minivan up gold mine hill. Raging 260-280hp and AWD and fat van body. Dooo iiitt.

  3. The NX300h did surprisingly well considering it's main purpose is not to go off-road and it's a hybrid. Add to that the eye opening fuel efficiency and it looks like Lexus really did their homework on powertrain and chassis.

  4. The dashboard and the console on this lexus doesn't look luxury to me. Their interiors used to be top notch. Now they have taken a step down.

  5. +The Fast Lane Car Got to disagree with you Nathan. It's obvious that the tires weren't the issue. The LF and RR tires were off the ground and the car didn't send power to the other tires properly. If a system isn't working just say it.

  6. I suspect the RAV4 hybrid would perform slightly better if fitted with the same tires since its lighter with the same powertrain? And the RAV4 gas only AWD might do even better with the diff lock? Wonder if you could do that comparison on gold mine hill sometime 🙂

  7. so you're basically covering lexus' ass by saying there's not enough grip where in reality 2 wheels are perfectly planted on the ground and ready to go and just awd system sucks and that's why you're not going anywhere. can you guys be clear and unbiased towards your audience, I watch your videos to get an honest idea and review of a car not get fed up with tales. do you care about your reputation? then start speaking truth.

  8. Why are you blaming the tyre grip. It is obvious that the system isnt working where it is suppose to distribute the torque to the wheels that has grip. But it doesnt. It isnt the tyres you idiot.

  9. This is built for the city, and highway, and with a little bit of off road, but don't expect much.
    You will need a real off road vehicle. Like the Toyota Landcruiser GXR, VXR, Prado, or Lexus LX570.

  10. Personally I'm not sure Hybrids are really meant for much more than light to moderate snow. I would like to be wrong on that though. I've been wondering why not a hybrid with a driveshaft fixed to where when needed both the gas and electric can power all wheels?Or at least whatever wheel needs the power. While Nathan is probably right about the tires,I wonder if more power to one of the other wheel's would have helped.

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