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When it comes to generously sized premium SUVs, the fun really begins at the $90k-$100k mark. Why? Because at this sweet spot, the choice of people-moving metal on offer is as diverse a melting pot as you’ll likely find at any other price point or broadly encompassing segment.

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  1. Except none of these are full size SUVs. Where are the:
    Land Rover Range Rover LWB
    Mercedes GLS
    Cadillac Escalade

    Maybe you meant "Luxury Mid-Size SUV"?

  2. Heres a hint, dont buy an SUV its bottom line an inferior car with less power/weight ratio that wastes your kachingas. I have driven over 7 different brands/makes models and HATCH or Small car is no.1 for economy, price and pretty much has more boot space with foldable seats. Especially if you live in metro melbourne or sydney . Dont waste the environment and be cool. I cannot recommend more the hatchback. Eg. holden spark , toyota corolla the list goes on.

    Also smaller cars have way better handling for the avg driver

  3. Audi QX7 is know for its engine oil consumption for no reason… Dont' tell me you didn't know that. It leaks inside the engine. How would you like QX7 now? 🙂

  4. They didn't cover long term reliability. All of the above will be in the garage or workshop after 60 000 miles of driving except for the RX, which probably will run 200 000 miles problem free. You are welcome.

  5. This review jumped around way too much. You’re driving a Jaguar, talking about a Volvo…then driving a Volvo talking about a Lexus. Cmon guys…make a linear review. Number 1…number 2 etc. And I have to agree, as much as I want to like the Q7, it looks boring as hell. There’s nothing “luxury” about the look. It looks like a plain Chevy or something.

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