Jeep Cherokee vs Mercedes G

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  1. The Jeep driver was better at off-roading, not by a lot but the skills showed. The G driver depended on power and better vehicle dynamics to get him out of situations the Jeep driver finessed his truck through.
    The only reason the Jeep looked as good as the G was driver ability. And the Jeep guy did have mad skills.

  2. Mercedes G 70,000$ to 120,000$+ Jeep Cherokee 20,000$ to 50,000$. Mercedes for those who can afford or people who just want it and pay $800-1000 monthly or Jeep Cherokee $300-600 monthly and you can always upgrade without breaking the bank.  Both capable / both have loyal customers but it all winds up to personal preference and how much can you afford or want it.

  3. Lets compare oranges to oranges……take a stock Jeep and a stock G and put them on this course. How many mods were on the Jeep in this Video?? and how many, if any, tom the G?? "nuff said. This comparison was silly.

  4. Id roll either of these beasts, my current ride (donkey?) cant do none of this stuff, he'd take one look at these trails and heehaw me right in the NUTZ!!!

  5. what tires ya using? I want to make sure I don't get them, those things sure load up and don't seem to clear out much at all. I use wranglers and have used Kelly's, Coopers, and never had them load up like that in the logging roads. that's so dangerous for trying to go down the hills, breaking and turning while descending hills. you guys were for the most part on flat, but even those little hills you guys lost all traction while descending.

  6. Considering the total costs of each vehicle, including modifications, complexity, and repairs, I'll take that Jeep Cherokee any day over that Mercedes G-wagen. And I'll put the $80,000 savings in my bank account. Thank You, Jeep.

  7. funny most Americans in the comments like the Mercedes as well as the Jeep. most non-americans like the Mercedes and hate the jeep.

  8. I’ve seen almost every kind of Jeep in JV. Never saw a G wagon even on the dry lake bed. Even on the 247 on the way to JV. I did see a stripped down unimog do well at Kc.

  9. I love my 96 Jeep Cherokee Sport 🙂 I have had it for about 5 years.
    I got rid of my cat, upgraded the intake (custom done myself), did all the regular maintenaince and it runs like a champ, especially on the dirt. I would love to buy another one but my wife says she wants a grand Cherokee… I guess thats ok if I get her the 5.9 haha. Now I just need to get the Jeep to run on vaporized fuel, it will be done.

  10. google Gunther Holtorf G class around the world trip, he crossed 215 country's within 26 years and drove over 897 thousand kilometers/557370 miles, while the only thing he ever fixed, was the front left brake (easily fixed it on his own). Call me when the Jeep does something similar.

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