2017 Nissan Armada 4×4 First Drive Review

( ) The 2017 Nissan Armada is a U.S. Nissan Patrol by another name. Nathan Adlen takes the latest full-size SUV by Nissan for a first drive review on and the off-road.

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  1. Nissan is cheating US customers!!

    Actually this car is Nissan Patrol, and it is released in US market with different name (Nissan Armada).

  2. There is a lot of different Ideas about this new version of Armada. Im going to explaining a few things so here in US people have a better Idea.
    First this vehicle its Chassis code is Y62. This is the same for Nissan Patrol Y62 AND Nissan Armada Y62. Infiniti QX80 chassis code is Z62. Nissan Patrol Y62 was first introduced in 2010 and Infiniti QX in 2011. All this vehicles comes from the same assembly plant with some mayor difererences. Patrol is more off road oriented, it comes with rear lock diferential, HDC, longer suspention travel, HBMC, higher ground clearance and better aproach and depart angles etc. Nissan Patrol Y62 is available now with the VQ40 V6 4.0L engine tuned for 275 HP and 290 Pound-foot of torque, the VK56VD engine tuned for 400 HP and 413 Pound-foot of torque and there is a Nismo version tuned for 428 HP. Basicaly the Nissan Armada is a version off Patrol for US with less off road capabilities. Talking about the Infiniti is a luxury version and it comes with HBMC and its engine its tuned as the Patrol to 400 Hp using premiun fuel. The armada is tuned to use regular 87 and thats the reason for the 390HP and 394 Pound-foot off torque. All aff this vehicles comes with the 7 speed transmition, but Patrol has other options including 6 Speed Manual. This vehicles have a 4 wheel independent suspention diferent to the old model of Nissan Patrol Y61 wich comes with live axels front and rear. By the way the Nissan Patrol Y61 still on production for certain countries.
    There is a lot of information about this vehicles arround since Nissan Patrol Y62 is in production for 7 years now.
    Anyway i hope they can improve a few things because its been arround for a few years now and basically Armada its the same 7 years Y62 Patrol with a more Infiniti touch.

  3. in dubai and kuwait nissan patrol legend specialy y60 & y61 also the new y62 armada is equipted with manual difflock why in us they dont do same and provide it with manual difflock

  4. The global version "Patrol" is way more capable with locking diff, Nissan version of "terrain response" and more powertrain options like the v6 and the NISMO versión (+420hp), and a desert runner version with the NISMO engine but stronger and líderes suspensión, bigger wheels (35"s), but diesel is not available on the luxury patrol (y62) but It is on the "Battle" trim with solid and lockable axles, etc, based on the new generation v6 and the new 7speed transmission for the v6 (on patrol) I Hope Nissan is developing a new Xterra ???

  5. In Europe the Patrol is much better than this Armada so called Nissan. Also we have a turbo diesel option with rear center and front licking diffs. Also we have a Nismo version with 440 hp. Why does America get crappy imports?

  6. couple of corrections. The Patrol that that is based on does not have a diesel and it it does have IRS same as armada. It has the same 5.6l v8 and 7speed auto and comes as a 8seater only with leather only. It does have permanent 4wd with locking rear diff, HDC and terrain control

  7. Infinity is the luxury version of Nissan and the Armada is a slower Qx80 and less stylish interior but it's a better face lift to the 2015's I like it I had rented for 4 months I loved it Nissan did well. Needs both hot and cold seats needs led interior lights on floor and on roof seats need to fold flush when all the way down and remove that dumb ass center piece put a full bench

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