2017 Nissan Armada SUV: An American Nissan Patrol – OFF ROAD FIRST DRIVE REVIEW (3 of 5)

Old friend of the show, Mike Betts, returns with the 2017 Nissan Armada and an off road track he built smack dab in the middle of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Together, they take the 2017 Nissan Armada on the technical off road track to demonstrate the pulling power of the new engine as well as the extreme driving dynamics of the American Nissan Patrol . . .

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  1. you didnt seem to mention the landcruiser, wouldnt this model of armada (patrol) be the direct competitor of the landcruiser here in the US? i know they are about 20k difference in price, i imagine thats because toyota only sells about 2500 a year if they sold 10k or more that price would be lower (in theory), i know price-wise it competes with the ones you mentioned but from an engineering and offroad capability standpoint wouldt this armada and the landcruiser be direct competitors? the tahoe, sequia and escalade are nowhere near th eoffroad capabilities of the armada and landcruiser.

  2. Well, we have the Platinum Reserve in a 2WD. Am I a mom with kids? Yes. do I use it to drop off my kids at a ritzy school? Nah, public school for us. We live in an area with very little snow so don't need the 4WD but I like to keep my kids safe and potentially run people off the road if I need to ?

  3. You guys must be idiots to think that this is a competitor of the Toyota Land Cruiser (the real 79 series), even the LC200. The USA Nissan Armada is NOT the Patrol everyone referring to.

    The Armada has IFS front and back. What a load of shit. LC200 has IFS front and Solid Axle in the Rear. This is tolerable, but still crap compare to the y60/y61/GQ/GU Patrol or LC80/LC79 which yielded double sold axles.

    In USA you have:
    Nissan Armada (IFS + IFS) vs LC200 ( IFS + SA)

    In Rest Of World you have:
    Nissan Patrol (SA + SA) vs LC79 ( SA + SA)

    How on earth can you possibly buy a 60k worth piece of IFS garbage? Stop naming these cars the Patrol or the Landcruiser… This is like the time a news reporter called Magnus Carlsen the Justin Bieber of chess… Awful.

  4. So, MotoMan… you often times say 'to be honest' or 'if I am honest'… does it mean that most of the time you are not HONEST? It is a phrase that is best left out of your videos.

    Also, where are Part 1, 4, and 5 of this Patrol/Armada series?

    PS. Constructive criticism, above. I really like your videos and you are one of the few reviewers on YouTube that includes a lot of valuable info. Entertaining delivery, too! Keep 'em coming!

  5. What a joke! YOU CAN TELL THESE TIE GUYS NEVER BEEN ON A REAL TRAIL RIDE! Actually advertising the weak drive train american made POS to the Australian Patrol ! More like a Chevy Impala. Not same drive train or suspension what so ever. see Outback winch challenge Australia. those are Patrols. These American nissan vehicles would never finish the race. I am pretty sure my Old Nissan 2wd Hardbody would win seven of ten off road challenges against any 05 + nissan 4x4s with same tires mounted and would definitly out survive all of them for trail beatings. Bring back the Hardbody drive train. if you hire me as your new truck designer we can beat the Toyota and Ford Raptor becoming #1 off road truck in America

  6. Nissan Patrol with a fraction of Nissan Patrol off-road capability. Suspension travel in the US Armada is a joke compared to articulation / suspension travel the real Patrol can do.

  7. You didn't actually take it off road. Sure you had some wheel articulation but it was all on a contrived specially made course.
    Any of these so called OFF ROAD TESTS that are on such built tracks don't convince me of it's ability in real four wheel drive situations.
    It is an option to the Land Cruiser I guess,,,,,Kinda,,,
    It does make me want to at least go test drive one..

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