2017 Nissan Rogue Off-Road Review: Can the Rogue Tackle Rocks, Dirt & Snow?

( ) On this episode of The Fast Lane Now, Nathan takes the Nissan Rogue high into the Colorado Rockies to test it off-road and see if it can tackle rocks, dirt and snow.

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  1. wish you would have showed the under the rear so we could see if it has electric motors for the rear wheels…i heard this car w going to be a hybrid

  2. I test drove one of these a couple months back. It was a pretty nice vehicle. I really liked the divide and hide storage behind the back seat but only because I was looking at it from the perspective of I could carry my long gun in the vehicle and it would be completely concealed. The ride was good, feature content was good for the money and the 2.5 motor was actually a pretty decent performer. I don't know how these vehicles hold up long term but it seemed like a pretty good vehicle.

  3. can you guys do 2017 acadia offroad? and I'm not taking 1 minute off road and then a review, i mean the whole video offroad. or on a trail. i want to see how it does off road

  4. The temperature is 20 degrees F, you are driving 50 mph on dry payment, suddenly there is a 50 foot patch of ice. Then there is bare pavement again for another 50 feet and then another patch of ice for 150 feet. What does your car do; how does the car respond? Does the AWD keep things going straight?

  5. In the highway speeds to pass it growls and it feels very underpowered
    My opinion
    200 hp with 210 torque
    Which I would imagine torque to kick in 1500 rpm but it would be great 3.0

  6. i have same nissan rogue so even do idid not turn on the (AWD LOCK) still working as a 4 wheel drive/awd or not im so confused about it and also if i turn on the (AWD LOCK) AT 25MPH it will turn off automatically is that normal and do i need to turn it back again need help .thanks

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