Nissan Navara 2016 is Not For Hard Off-Road

Nissan Navara 2016 is not for hard off-road and any steep uphill conditions. The “smart” electronics of the vehicle interferes with driver and don’t let both engine and transmission perform normally. Conclusion: Nissan Navara 2016 off road capabilities are very limited.
Look how old Nissan Patrol performs at these conditions! More about 4×4 tours in Latvia –



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  1. yeah, tires need to be upgrade, truck bed needs to have more weight, SUV has weight on back tires truck doesn't, plus SUV has been upgraded with suspension lift and better offroad tires.

  2. In the USA there is a Pro-4X version of the frontier. This does not look to be pro-4X. And what idiot gets side steps and street tires on anything they want to off road with.

  3. lol stupid title. patrols are lifted and have big offroad tires with grippy profile. if you would lift the navara and put offroad tires on, it would not have a problem…

  4. incorrect type of tires, driver got no skill ,the first car was not stock,and the first car made the trail more difficult for the navara to climb.that is not fair,the trail is broken because of that first car

  5. A lot of things are wrong in the video. First of the other vehicle was not stock, second the navara needed different tires and elevated suspension to match the patrol. Third the driver most likely did not remove traction control and was not very skilled on off roading. It's an art you gain with experience and the right equipement. You cant blame the vehicle for not knowing how to use it properly.

  6. Ok entiendo la Navara perdió debido alas llantas que trae puestas pero y la otra que tipo de llantas tiene? Porque pará mi a simple vista son del mismo tipo que la nevara ????

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