18 Crosstrek: Offroad to Gardner Canyon

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Headed down south today on Hwy 83 to the Gardner Canyon Turn off to explore an area I have never been. Come along for the ride!

Drone: Mavic Pro
Cameras: Hero 4 and 7
Canon 6D
Iphone XR



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  1. I’ve been set on buying a 4 runner for some time. However, a friend introduced me to his lifted Crosstrek and I believe I’m sold on it.. I’m huge in the hiking/backpacking scene so I’m in need of the off-road capabilities and figured I’d go with the 4Runner. But, the price/safety/fuel mileage is poorly rated. I can save 10+k and still obtain nearly 30mpg by going with the Crosstrek. Seems like a win to me. Great vids!

  2. Is the water fresh enough to drink? The terrain is beautiful. The drone cams remind me of movie cams for adventure films like The Lord of the Rings. Thanks for the video.

  3. Man, Rick! You were looking a little gassed half way through that hike… 🙂 I would have had to stay back and watch the car for you or we would be watching a video on helicopter extraction in Gardner Canyon! LOL

  4. I’m going to bet it’s a lp adventure bumper guard and skid plate! Hope I’m right and you go with the small version! Great video as always and can’t wait for the next! Thanks

  5. Take care when filming with the stick on slippery rocks and with the backpack on. You vould hurt your back and your brains. That is no fun, i can tell you from my own experience. And in this video or in another one, I saw your Jack laying loosely? In the back with your spare. If they weren't mounted/fixed, man take care! You are highly appreciated.??????

  6. I love these vids. Thanks for sharing. It's been too cold here in the NW to get any quality time in with my drone. Have been to the snow and dirt roads lots lately. 🙂 cheers.

  7. Nice video, man. I live in Tucson as well. Have you thought of removing the mud flaps? Also do you air down your tires when you go off roading? Big fan and thanks for the awesome content

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