2016 Crosstrek Off-Road

This is my friend and I taking my new Crosstrek for a mild off-road adventure. We were looking to see what it was capable of how it would handle itself in (mostly) mild to moderate trails and obstacles. I was hoping to replicate trails and instances that the weekend camper or hiker could encounter on their travels.

Enjoy, and constructive criticism is always welcome!



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  1. Nice video. Just wanna know, why do Subs have very limited wheel travel whenever the suspension stretch kicks in? Wouldn't it be okay to have all the wheels on the ground? -at least a little more wheel drop..

  2. @Carleton Swartz Hows your crosstrek so far doing? Did the muddy water that went all over in the grill and front bumper affect the engine/performance afterwards???

  3. Great video but I honestly panicked when you drove into that mud puddle. My immediate thought was “oh crap that’s too fast,” especially when I saw the bow wave from the water rising up towards the top of the grill. Great video though!

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