2017 Subaru Outback Off Road – Inside Lane

The new 2017 Subaru Outback is an impressively capable car when it comes to going off road. Thanks to Subaru’s legendary symmetrical all wheel drive system each wheel is driven at all times. This outback is powered by a 2.0 litre boxer diesel engine that produces 148bhp and 350Nm of torque.

Solid underbody protection and a 200mm ride hight means that it can tackle just about any terrain. Fording rivers, climbing steep inclines, and dealing with chassis twisting trails is no problem. Everything in the vide was achieved with standard road tyres.

The new 2017 Subaru Outback cots from £30,995 and is on sale now.



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  1. Absolutely pointless and useless car. Nobody is going to off-road more than 1 percent of total usage of this car. If so, why do you buy it? Besides that it's ugly, slow, heavy and expensive. CVT is awful. Tell me at least 5 things why someone should buy it.

  2. I am on my forth one of these it never ceases to amaze me how capable it is, I pull a large boat and twin axle Ifor Williams tipping  trailer for logging, I shoot game as well it has never got stuck yet and it has been in some sticky situations.  It has also pulled a new model Range Rover out of the sticky stuff recently (Dec 17) on a soot day, much to the embarrassment of its owner who is going to buy and Outback for his wife now!

  3. I do enjoyed your video.
    Quick question. I was driving thru the flood waters mixed with sand and I drove waaaay to fast thru few of them. Right after that my dashboard light up wit check engine lights, brakes etc. Later I find out that I flood the box right next to the radiator. Anyway it's fixed now, but any time I see some bigger tank of water I'm freaking out cause to replace that part was around $300. Any advice except of course driving slower thru the wet parts?? Thanks.

  4. Nice little video although it can go on tricky road surfaces, as Subaru actually say, it is designed for when the road gets rough not actually off roading, there are many places I would not take my forester and use my Land Cruiser instead, your not going to be able to rock crawl with it, or do heavy sand dunes, it's just not designed for it. Rough gravel roads yeah but not through a field.

  5. I've taken mine off road a handful of times and on long 10+ hour road trips. Really is one of the best all-around cars out there. Efficient and fully capable off road. Installed a light bar and slightly more aggressive tires. Definitely needs underbody protection and maybe even a lift.

  6. I'm a Subaru fan but taking the car on solid gravel base tracks like these, although wet on top, is absolutely pointless. Any 2wd with reasonable ground clearance could conquer these specially prepared 'tracks' with ease. This is not off-roading.

  7. I bought my Outback almost a year ago just to be different than everybody else. Everytime I drive it I enjoy it more and more.
    Now my daughter fell in love with it after she borrowed and wants to buy from me.
    I'll be looking for the Ascent 2019

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