Fiat Punto Avventura Urban Cross – First Drive Review

The Urban Cross concept shown by Fiat at the 2016 Auto Expo has taken production shape and Rohit Paradkar had a chance to drive it in
Pune. Here’s what his initial impression about the car are.



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  1. already and owner of fiat avventura, fiat urban cross will join next.
    suspension is so brilliant of fiat cars, that you will be in absolute comfort all the time,

    will highly recommend fiat urban cross to peoples who are planning to buy this segment of cars.please at least take a test drive.long intervals of 15000 km is best in the segment.
    their services are very good know a days.

    owner of 2 fiats
    fiat avventura
    fiat padmini

  2. Pls Clear away this 2 confused grey cloud on this product ….

    1.Does the Ground Clearance on the 1.4Tjet tuned 140bhp lowered from
    205mm <<to>> 150ish???

    2.Does this product Have all 4 Disc Setup on top spec >>140bhp emotion variant?

  3. Bought a Punto Evo Diesel Top model last month, best car. Do not believe the rumours related to FIAT, FIAT is in India to stay, it has just opened its own Dealership network in India, it's sales is slowly increasing, it's service network has also improved.

  4. FIAT cars are good, but the company is totally irresponsible. doesnt seems to be serious to do business in india.
    there are so many rumors about brand getting closed here but company does not bother about clearing these doubts for the customers.
    also this company does not update is cars and most problematic is lack of car models. only 2 ??

  5. सर शोरूम से 2017 का अर्बन क्रॉस dinamic मॉडेल (एअरबग नाही है) कितने में खरिदना चाहिए? वो 700000 लाख ऑफर दे रहे हैं.नाशिक on road price 848000 hai.आज ऑगस्ट 2018 हैं.in डिझेल.

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