How To Fix Check Engine Light

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  1. Garage wants $500 to do repair. Check engine light (2004 honda civic ex) 60,000 miles, comes on occasionally, never blinks, no gas issues, 1 tank lasts 2 weeks. Oil changed every 4-6 months, tires rotated. Why does this cost so much!!! I'm retired I can't afford this.

  2. my car toyota noah 2011 has check engine warnings which is on and off, loosing power at times forcing me to restart engine(keyless) then picks. is it dirty petrol? or do i clean the fuel tank? just advise now.

  3. With so many possible causes, how can a car owner avoid a bad diagnosis or getting scammed by a car dealer or mechanic who quotes and outrageous amount to just to pass emissions test.

  4. I have great wall car i ve a problem with check engine when it appears the car gets suffocated and the car can't speed up could you give me a hint about its problem ? Thank you in advance

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