New 2017 Suzuki IGNIS – First Look!

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2017 Suzuki Ignis on display at the Paris motor show
Suzuki Ignis in European spec has been revealed in Paris; SUV-esque city car is slightly different to the Japanese-market version

The European-spec Suzuki Ignis has been revealed at the Paris motor show. The Ignis will return to the UK market after a nine-year hiatus, as a city car with mini SUV aspirations.
On release, the Ignis will be offered with both two and four-wheel drive, in line with its SUV-esque styling. Four-wheel drive will be an option, however. The new Ignis will cost from around £10,500 when it goes on sale in January next year. It will sit above the Celerio in the Suzuki range.

We had already seen the Ignis at the Tokyo motor show, but the European-spec car is 10-15cm longer than its Japanese counterpart, which adheres to Japan’s strict 3.6m guidelines, although the floorplan remains the same. Revised bumper designs swallow up the added length, according to a source at Suzuki.
Plenty of personalisation options add to the Ignis’s cutesy styling, which includes a trio of D-pillar indents that reference the rear-engined SC100 ‘Whizz Kid’ of the late 1970s.

The engine line-up is based the 89bhp 1.2-litre Dualjet engine, as used in the Baleno and Swift. An SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki) version will also be available, which uses an ISG (Integrated Starter Generator) with an integrated power generator and electric motor, and a lithium ion battery pack. The hybrid Ignis will have CO2 commissions “way below 100g/km” according to a Suzuki spokesman.

The Ignis’s somewhat niche appeal means that rivals are thin on the ground, with the Fiat Panda Trekking and Cross among the only direct competitors. Suzuki assured us that the car would be priced competitively – for comparison, the two-wheel drive Panda Trekking is priced from £13,210, while the micro-SUV Panda Cross costs £16,360 with the entry-level 0.9-litre engine.

Suzuki’s use of lightweight structures across its model range means that weight has been kept to a minimum; the Baleno weighs 905kg, and Suzuki confirmed that the Ignis weighs about the same. This should lead to ultra-low running costs, as is expected in the city car class.

There will be a number of personalisation options available on the Ignis, such as a different coloured roof, although Suzuki has denied the possibility of a Sport model, as was available on the previous Ignis. The four-wheel drive variant will also be identical to its front-drive counterpart, meaning that there won’t be an offroad-styled Ignis akin to the Ignis Trail concept, either. The four-wheel drive version will send 90% of power to the front axle through a viscous coupling in normal driving conditions.

A facelifted version of the Suzuki SX4 S-Cross is also on show at the Paris motor show alongside the Ignis.
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