Suzuki Jimny 2019 review

Could the biggest new arrival of 2019 also be the smallest? Malcolm Flynn went to the Australian launch of the new Suzuki Jimny to find out if the international hype matches reality.

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Note: CarsGuide attended this event as a guest of the manufacturer, with travel and meals provided.



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  1. That is the first review I have seen with a towbar fitted, and I have a couple of issues with it, namely, it hangs far too low and back wiping out your departure angle (I know they are required to be made like this but still…) and secondly what are you going to tow using a Jimny? A shoe box?

  2. I simply hit the like button because it is Jimny… I don't care about its on road manner but I am smitten by its look and off-road charm. Sadly I can't get one

  3. Best review I've seen of the suzy, not once compared to a bmw or a merc, well done, anyone who has EVER owned a Suzy already loves them!!

  4. that tow bar addition is laughable, look how much ground clearance that eats up. Also you mentioned its easy to get out of the back seat. Yeah nah mate not true at all. I demo drove one on Australia day and the exit from passenger seat via the front was a squeeze and im a normal sized guy not caring 40kg extra like you are. so thats more proof you didnt really do much research on it. As for claming its not great for handling, yeah that will happen when you have such skinny tyres on a car with a high center of gravity. Common sense mate. your clutching at straws here

  5. If you need a good commuter that you can also take camping and fishing where ever and when ever you like this is the perfect off road car.Cheap to run and cheap to buy,the Suzuki has always been a great off roader.

  6. I test drove this car for 25 minutes at 60/80/100 and 115km/h (this Jimmy barely makes it to that fast). On freeway and on normal roads in an Ozzie City. It was loud at 80km/h and very loud at 100km/h. I wouldnt recommend this car for regular driving above 70km/h on account of the loud wind and engine noise and lack of power above 85k/h (and the auto version will have even less power). However, I bet it would be a GREAT off road car.

  7. So would you recommend this for a daily use car?? .. I don't do a lot of off road .. but most of my drives is in city and on highway 140 km per hour speed ..what do you think ?? I always loved this car since I was a child ..

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