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The S-Cross has become a bit of a forgotten model in the SUV market but now there’s a new one. But is it any more memorable? I’ve spent the last week with one to find out – the model tested here is the mid-range SZ-T model fitted with Suzuki 1.0 litre Boosterjet engine.

How does this engine perform in a car of this size? Watch the review to find out.


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  1. Suzuki cars are very durable and economic , small engines are constructed to operate at high revs and constant load (such as a motorcycle engine)! Suzuki AWD is very good .This new model has a beautiful design! BOOSTERJET 1.4L / ALLGRIP seem to be very good ! I've had many years ago the Suzuki car. The seats were very comfortable as well ( I'm about 180 cm tall.)! I use Google translate !
    Maximum torque Nm / rpm : 220 / 1,500-4,000
    Compression ratio : 9.9
    Maximum output kW / rpm : 103 / 5,500
    Bore x stroke : 73.0 x 82.0
    This Suzuki 1.4L BOOSTERJET also drives the car at lower engine revs very well! Thanks to the long piston stroke and low pressure turbo and maximum torque at lower revs and wide rev range !the engine has to last long, thanks to the engine Compression ratio 9.9 .

  2. Great review, thanks.
    Yes Pheasants…… body nuisance, one wiped out my door mirror once.
    Ohhh and well done for answering comments, not ALL reviews do.
    I've decide on a Vitara S but only just, the S Cross with the 1Ltr BoosterJet is a very capable car.

  3. What is that little black square for, on the door handle, is it some kind of fingerprint writer, or just a door opener? And is the start/stop button available in every model, or only with the models with panoramic roof window? And last question, is the manual gearbox available (or choosable) in every model too? thank you

  4. Reviewer is good to watch. Easy voice to listen to, all nice and calm and informative. Music was relaxing also. As for this car, I think its a very good car for the money. You dont see many about so thats appealing, and Suzukis are built to last. Id rather drive something less common like this, instead of the usual suspects and would also say if you want a car to last a long time, you cant really go wrong with this brand if you dont have tons of money to spend. No point keep trading in every 3 years either, especially if you dont do a lot of miles, its pointless to keep throwing your money away. I think a lot of people panic when a car gets out of warranty, they think it will suddenly turn into a car made by British Leyland ! Once its paid for, you save a fortune, and Suzuki are one of the best for reliability.

  5. Thanks for the review, I have watched them all about the S cross, yours was the most honest.
    My question is. I am disabled and torn between the S cross 1.0 Sz-T auto or the Vitara 1.4 Sz-TAuto my wheelchair fits in them both. what would you recommend. I haven't asked anyone else. thought I would ask your advice. …… Andy

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