Suzuki SX4 Belt tensioner, idler pulley and drive belt replacement. 2.0L

2007 Suzuki SX4 with 222,000km or 138,000 miles.
Replacement of idler pulley, tensioner and drive belt.
2.0L Engine. J20A
Parts were ordered from



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  1. 2002 suzuki aerio replaced just the idler pulley, old one seized and broke my new serpentine belt. Put a new idler pulley new belt and now it wants come off water pump pulley!! Could I have over torqued the nut causing the misalignment? Nothing else was touched.

  2. I would like to first thank you for all of your SX4 videos. You have no idea how many times you have saved me. Just changed my alternator which was a pain because I had to remove the power steering pump.

    Now I can't get the p/s pump back in because the pulley is in the way to install the mounting bolts. Figured the only solution would be to remove the pulley. Bought a Pulley removal tool but none of the pullers fit the pulley shaft.

    Sorry for the long comment but please if you have the time anything helps!!! Thanks!

  3. I can't believe I found you, GREAT, GREAT video. Never would have thought of checking the idler pulley. Your teaching demeanor gives me confidence. I really like the car, but people run away from you when you need work, so I will do it myself. Thanks so much, you deserve nothing but good luck for giving your time in a positive manner. God Bless you.

  4. Excellent work. My sx4 has clocked 156K KMS and the squeaking sound has increased so planning to get v belt replaced this weekend. Does timing gets affected by v belt and pulley replacement as infomed by my mechanic? Thanks

  5. Just wait till you do the water pump… It's like a 10 hour job… Im watching this so I can get the belt back on…. I love this car but working on it is very challenging and my fat hands looks like they were weed wacked.

  6. I am an retired automotive machinist, and honestly want to compliment you on an excellent well presented video. Mention the finer details, but hell you get the job done. I used a deep 14mm wrench which worked perfect. All and all job took me about an hour, including pressure cleaning before replacing new parts. I hate dirting my hands. Actually very easy job.

  7. Just what I needed – going to do this in the spring once the weather gets a little more comfortable. My wife's Suzuki is overdue for this and sounds just likes yours did. Thanks for putting this up here!

  8. I have a suzuki sidekick sport 4×4 with a j18 engine. From what I've seen the engines are pretty much identical. My engine has a sound that's very similar. I've been worried it was the timing chains. I'm going to try this when I have time. Fingers crossed this is the problem. Thanks a lot.

  9. Good video. By chance, would you know if this 2.0L motor the same motor that is in the 2003 SX? With 160000 miles, I'm going to be doing this soon I'm afraid!! LOL

  10. Great video! This helped alot on my Vitara. I found putting the belt on easier using a ratchet and extension to push the tensioner, the belt already around the ratchet AND putting the belt around the alternator pulley LAST (it's smaller and easier to slip on).

  11. Well done, I feel like I understand what it takes to do this job! (Though in my case I have a seized alternator that may require other parts replaced as well). 2011 SX4 / 78,000 mi.

  12. nice job bud, I just bought a 2007 SX4 after owning a 2010 SX4 that was a total loss after someone hit us. noticing a belt squeal on left turn so going to replace belt tomorrow. have you had any electrical or ground issues with radio lights on but no sound from speakers?

  13. This is actually a common problem with the SX4 model as well as the Grand Vitara, but in reality has more to do with the parts that it does with the car itself. To those of you who wish to do this replacement job yourself, there are things you can do to help the pulley and belt last much longer and remain in great condition so as to not need such frequent replacements, which of course will also save you money. There are a couple instruction videos that will explain how you can do this. I will post them here for you so that you can check them out. Pulley – And Belt

  14. На Гранд Витаре проще. Там двиг продольно расположен. Вся замена за 10 мин с перекурами. Тут конечно нужно немножко попотеть.

  15. Thanks for the video.   My Suzuki has 184k on it and makes the same noise.   Going to replace both idlers and belt tonight, and now I know the best approach.

  16. mines sounds like a muffler.. but is not the muffler.. so they replacing my pulley and belt bcz it makes a weird noise. maneke checked my muffler and they told me is in perfect condition.. so idk if is really the pulley

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