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Good value and good to drive too, if there’s one criticism you could have levelled at the previous Suzuki S-Cross, it’s that it wasn’t exactly what you’d called memorable to look at. Not so with this newly-facelifted version.

Along with the tough new styling and big chrome grille, the S-Cross now gets the option of new engines, new trims and new equipment too.

Is the hidden gem in the crossover-SUV market now a better bargain than it’s ever been?

In this review, we take an in-depth look at the interior of the Suzuki SX4 S-Cross including its boot size, dashboard and back seats. We then run through performance, price and finish up with the all-important verdict – is the Suzuki SX4 S-Cross a good car?

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  1. Hola a todos :
    Solo vengo a informar que existe un foro para el S-Cross Sx4 Suzuki .
    Desde el comienzo de este con el Sx4 del 2006 , pasando por la segunda generación S-Cross 2013-2016 hasta la ultima generación del S -Cross 2016-2017.
    Es un foro especifico del S-Cross en castellano . Viendo que no existe gran información sobre este modelo de S-Cross Sx4 Suzuki sobre todo en España ya sea en internet o en prensa escrita y es un gran desconocido por estos sitios .
    Por eso de un foro dedicado solo a S-Cross Suzuki y poder dar a conocer y ayudar entre todos sobre este modelo en concreto .
    Espero que sea un foro amigo de este sitio
    Sin mas un saludo para todos y muchas gracias a todos y espero no haber sido mal educado , ni molestado a nadie , ni haberme entrometido con todos vosotros .
    Si es asi espero que me perdonen y pido mil disculpas .
    Aquí el foro :

  2. I liked the car especially for its aggressive grille and headlamps. Seeing the comments about 'ugly grille' I am confused as hell now. I want a car that looks good. Isn't the grille design something like those on BMW X series? I liked it

  3. Just got a 2016 (66)S-Cross SZ5 diesel auto TCSS (twin clutch). Like it very much. Seems a lot of equipment for what I paid. No complaints whatsoever. Comfortable and, seemingly, with a good mpg range.

  4. I don't know whether this one has the same system as the old one (pre-facelift) but the all-grip option came with auto, sport and snow-lock. Most people don't know but sport mode on the old one made it rear-wheel drive. However i don't know if this one does or not.

  5. Purchased mine new in 2008 iawd 140hp 2.0 litre auto 4spd , 26 mpg , pwr windows, pwr dr locks, remote key fob, popup garmin nav 12" in disc brakes , got it as my everyday grocery getter. , legendary reliability nothing ever breaks to date , nothing flimsy about the dash or anything else. Solid , makes me smile when civics and little acuras are stuck spinning their tires in the snow and I can blow thru a foot of fresh snow without spinning a tire. Not for a big family. But its just right for a girlfriend a dog and some grocerys. I got my Sony 60" LED set in the box home from best buy in it laying horizontal right to the back of my front seat and the back door closed perfectly. Its not supposed to be a hotrod , the idiots at top gear apparently did not understand that. I think they were just trying to get a free ride from Suzuki and Suzuki told em to take a walk. I'd buy it again ! Not even a lightbulb has needed replacing in 10 years.

  6. Just picked one up on the 12/7/18 first new car i have ever had, and must say was very pleasantly surprised, i have the 1.0 litre booster jet engine, it's amazing how such a small engine can easily cope with a car of that size plus 5 passengers, and return excellent fuel economy. well done Suzuki.

  7. This is not aimed at the reviewer. We now have a generation of people obsessed with image and the "whos looking at me in my fancy car" brigade, and I really do think its completely pathetic. If you like a car then buy it, regardless of what anyone else thinks. If it bothers you that much and you only choose a certain brand because you worry what others will think then you are a very sad person with confidence issues. Ive had Audis, GTIs, allsorts of cars in the 32 years since I passed my test and I drive a cheapo Suzuki Celerio at the moment. Its a shopping car mainly, its fun to drive, very economical and very very reliable. It will do long journeys if required, although not at high speed :D. Do I give a shit what the neighbours think, or people on Facebook, or workmates ? No. I dont talk to the neighbours, I dont have a Facebook account and I have a van for work :D. Get over yourselves and drive what YOU want. Stop trying to be something youre not, be an individual and not a sheep. What would I get if I needed something else ? Maybe a Kia Ceed GT, the new Subaru Impreza hatchback or this S Cross with Allgrip. Thank you. Now its time for bed, with the good lady, been on the Westons cider keeping out of the bad weather all day. Cheers.

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