Suzuki Vitara 1.4 Boosterjet Allgrip AVT. review 2016

It’s true the Suzuki Vitara – all the way from its beginnings in 1988 – was transforming into a more sporty, flashy SUV which we have today, but its offroad capabilities were never diminished. That’s also why our test car here is so dirty…

I have to say I like the modern looks of the Vitara – which the Japanese know as the Suzuki Escudo. The vehicle got rid of the square shapes and put on a rather more dashing dress for the times.



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  1. Very nicely equipped and capable car the Vitara, but my god it's comparatively boring to look at on the outside. Despite some redeeming angles, if you gave a kid a crayon and said draw an SUV, it would look pretty much like this shape, generic and blocky. And that dash looks like something from the 1950s, with modern tech jammed in.
    It's little wonder Suzuki dried up in North America. Shame too because they're still some of the best bang for the buck you can buy.

  2. Nice review and voice-over, but please drop the "fake drowning" routine next time and other similar dramatizations because you already have a great personality and charisma on screen…don't ruin it with such childish things 🙂 Keep up the good work! No offense intended btw 🙂

  3. Absolutely breathtaking sceneries. Great review. Suzuki Vitara is always great and it is a highly under rated vehicle. I do own a fully loaded 2011 Grand Vitara and it is amazing to drive around in any weather conditions. Vitara all the way!

  4. destroyed the car with technology, and with the reno engine that worst … !! this is not 4×4 is a jerk … !! a simple car sun ….. the oldest claimed genuine Japanese cars

  5. Man, you must be kidding, 1st gen is a "small surfer SUV"? Where the new Vitara is stucked, I am driving my 1st gen Vitara easily.

  6. Just sold my 1994 vitara for spares ,it was so rusty underneath it failed the MOT bigtime I had it 15 years and it never broke down……. I loved that underpowered bumpy noisy 4×4 with wide wheels… lot of fun .still grieving…

  7. This car is really a good "all roads" car ; don't hope to climb a wall but you can drive nearly everywhere as I do for photography. I own a Vitara 1.4S manual gear Allgrip and my wife has a Vitara 1.6 benzin, these two cars are perfect and pleasant to drive !

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