Suzuki Vitara SUV 2017 360 test drive | Passenger Rides

Sit in the passenger seat of the Suzuki Vitara as Mat puts it through it’s paces, pointing out all the fun and important features along the way: is it as fun to drive as it seems or do rivals such as the Nissan Juke simply offer more? Find out now but make sure to watch this video on a mobile device or tablet to get the full 360 experience.

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  1. I have these 360 videos! Can you make a normal video version as well- a view from just me of those cameras? Plus some external shots? You know- so it looks normal, like before.

  2. Cessez donc de critiquer les plastiques durs de chez suzuki, vous en devenez pénibles! montrez seulement les avantages et les caractéristiques techniques mais franchement que vous n'aimiez pas les plastiques on s'en fout !!!

  3. i don't know why he yells so much at the interior, guess he did not find any bad points and he decided not to over-advertise this car so yeah let's break people's harts on interior

  4. Funnily enough iv'e just finished watching another review of this very same model and the reviewer gave a very different opinion on the interior quality, looks ok to my eyes.

  5. The more I read about Suzuki cars the more I like them.They may have 'cheap as chips interiors', but they seem to honest cars. They're not overly complex and they will get you from a to b and will probably do so for many years without too many problems. I say that having owned German brands that were lovely and quiet,had soft-touch plastics and were very nippy, but the ones I owned (from new) were as unreliable as hell. Throw in the snooty dealers and I'd rather have a Suzuki any day.

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