Suzuki Vitara vs Honda HR-V vs Peugeot 2008 review | Head2Head

Small SUVs are extremely popular, combining off-roading capabilities with style, and comfort, so I’ve put three of these compact 4x4s against each other in a head to head group test. Will the Suzuki Vitara reign supreme with it’s high tech cabin or will its Japanese compatriot, the Honda HR-V take the crown? Perhaps the Peugeot 2008 will surprise them both and dazzle with it’s fun driving style. Stay tuned to find out what I really think of these small SUVs in this head to head review!

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  1. I tried the 3 cars and the Mazda CX 3 (and the Toyota CH R).

    Best ones are the Peugeot the Vitara and the CX 3. The Honda's gear box makes it absolutely unfunny to drive. Same for the Vitara IF you don't take the 1.4 turbo 140 HP motor (the only choice for a Vitara).

    Then depends on your taste : Peugeot is good overall, it is the easiest to drive but not even sporty. Interior is good looking but a bit small if you are tall.

    The Suzuki has a lot of space inside. 1.4 liter turbo is really fun to drive for the category.

    The CX 3 is fun to drive too but the less practical and kind of small inside. But man it is a good looking car.

    So it really depends on your taste as you can't go wrong with any of this cars 🙂

  2. I had an 2002 vitara which was much more rugged then today’s cars but it really got under my skin did that suzuki ?

    Always admired suzuki after that incredibly reliable car

    Would buy another Vitara no problems but will stick with my porsche for now ?

  3. You would see the advantages of 4×4 on snowy or slippery road, also on gravel or on some harder off-road, it makes very big difference, but great review by the way 🙂

  4. I’ve had a Vitara S for 6 months now. I average 48mpg over mixed driving. Suzuki have under played the performance, up to 60 its as quick as my 2012 C class coupe. A lot of journalists have recorded around 8.5 seconds 0-62. In Hungary, where it’s built, they reckon the engine output is closer to 165bhp rather than the advertised 138bhp. Drives like a warm hatch and you can forgive the dash materials and lightweight doors for that.

  5. I love my 2006 1.9 petrol Suzuki, but too many cup holders and not enough storage bins for stuff like 2 stroke oil and a can of petrol. The back seats are difficult to fully remove. Reliability has been excellent so far (6 MOTs and no repairs needed yet). I wouldn't describe it as fun but nearly every passenger has commented on how safe and comfortable they feel. Bought it because it felt so solid compared to Toyotas and Hondas I tested.

  6. I had the Suzuki 1.6 petrol and had to return it. The electric sensers didnt work, the stop start drained the battery. It's badly designed I think. Far to many bells and whistles possibly. It has no pull up a hill for a 1.6 four wheel drive.. I had to stay behind the lorries on the motorway. Loved the entertainment and guidance system it was easy to use on the move but the speaker are tinny. The car was ok around town but you feel ever bump. Tried it off road on a muddy camp site and almost got stuck. Whilst an old station wagon breezed through the muddy puddle.
    Difficult to get parts if anything goes wrong.
    I know have the Peugeot 2008 1.2 98 bhp purtec. It's nippy, great suspension. Got enough pull on the motorway for family and young driver(u25). Entertainment system sounds great. Guidance system is easy to use. Only thing I really miss is the keyless and the boot cover does not lift with the door. The glove compartment is tinsy pointless really. White with Oxford black trim with chrome look sport and defiantly better than the vitara all black.
    My humble personal experience.

  7. Ahhh Suzuki Jimny or Suzuki’s Vitara I ordered the Jimny now my wife announced we got a family addition on the way should I change to the Vitara “HELP”

  8. I have a mk 7 gti golf performance and with only 16 k the thermostat housing and water pump needs replacing £1035,which is a fault on quite a few looking at a gti forum, VW are an overated company, yes they drive ok and quality is better in part though carpets are a bit fin for a £30k car, you caertainly pay for the priveledge.. Suzuki is mile better value !

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