Test Drive Suzuki SX4 S-CROSS 1.0 Boosterjet 110KM Premium 2016

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Dziękuję dealerowi Yama za udostępnienie auta.



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  1. Im in the UK, I think Suzuki cars are very underrated these days. Some say they are a bit cheap looking inside, I disagree because they are built to last. Tough hard wearing plastics will last longer, and Suzuki has been making 4×4 type cars for a long time so you can be sure they will be pretty durable with all the other bits and bobs. They need to ditch the old 1.6 petrol engine from the Vitara, for maybe a bigger capacity 3 cylinder, which does seem the way to go with car makers these days, slowly getting away from 4 cylinders. I have a Celerio and its only cheap, but its pretty solid and the ride, if a little noisy, is comfy and characterful. I also trust its reliability. I dont think you can go wrong with Japanese cars, although I do think Nissan is the weak link for some reason. For a good long term car, I would get a Subaru though. Not cheap to buy, run or maintain but would last me for a very long time. You cant keep getting cars on finance for the rest of your life, you have to own a good one and keep it.

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