2017 Honda Ridgeline Takes on the Gold Mine Hill Off-Road Review

( ) 2017 Honda Ridgeline Takes on the Gold Mine Hill Off-Road Review. Can it make it up all 3 stages of this off-road test?

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  1. Lately I've been trolling TFL. It's just too easy with all of the haters following these reviews. I've turned into an internet TROLL…sadly I'm having fun too! Ahhh!

  2. Great review. I am looking to replace my 2015 Subaru Outback. After 3 generations of Subaru I am parting with the brand. I live in north USA and got stuck in 6 inches of snow 2 times last winter (General Altimax winter tires). Seems every generation Subaru AWD becomes less and less capable. I noticed my Outback did pretty poorly when snow was frozen and car just fell through top layer. The car was not scraping bottom but still no movement. I tried x-mode, no x-mode, in vain…. I had to dig car out before it could move.
    I know some Subaru owners feelings will be hurt but it is what it is. And Subaru not giving car to TFL for test tells you something. My wife 2013 Legacy 6-sp manual, was not impressive in frozen snow either. To me frozen snow on the top with loose snow below it is similar to sand. So I can see why both cars had so much trouble in those conditions.
    I use to own 1999 Legacy SW and that thing was winter beast.
    I started doing more winter off-road in the last couple years and need car that is more capable that Outback.
    From my research everything points out to Toyota Tacoma and Honda Ridgeline (2nd choice). I want something reliable hence Chevy and Ford are out. Jeep Wrangler was my 1st choice but having family safety is important to me and Wrangler is not the best in that area.
    Keep doing good work guys. Those are just cars and have fun with them.

  3. Why would anyone buy this, especially for the asking price? I've read the comments that it's great for hauling stuff around town even if it isn't great off road… I don't see how that's a selling point when real trucks can haul stuff around town just as well and do off-road better while being more affordable at the same time. Is there even a single redeeming quality here?

  4. Gold Mine Hill…."Offroad" lol. Dirt track really. Did you not air down the tires because the thing would then scrape? "The reason I didn't make it the first time is…." Because you don't know how to drive offroad.

  5. Is Nathan on Oxy? I've seriously never seen him this sedated. Or maybe it's just the fact he's driving a Honda with shite ground clearance offroad.

  6. I'd love for you guys to run this trail again with some all-terrain tires on the Ridgeline. So far, every off-road capability test runs it with stock (or otherwise all-season) tires. Any chance?

  7. All the clowns complaining about this not being a real truck need to find something else to measure their self worth by. Go ahead and buy your $60k Silverado and put monster truck tires on it so you can’t drive to the local coffee shop and impress the kids. I bet this truck fulfills 90% of the duty most tryhards compensating for a small dick buy an F250 for. Suck it!

  8. I just "downgraded" from a '14 Tundra TRD Off-Road to a '19 Ridgeline Black Edition. Yes, I did look at the Tacoma and like I said to my Toyota salesman "I didn't need the Tundra and I didn't want the Tacoma". The more I drive my Ridgeline, the more I'm sure I made the right choice. I only need to tow a 3500 lbs Travel Trailer and I mostly drive on pavement, like most trucks. And boy are all the bells & whistles nice! #TrunkInTheBed

  9. That’s not a bad or hard off roading track at all, a Camry will make it. Secondly I’m sorry but I don’t think you have great off roading skills and that’s why you couldn’t do it the first time. But still .. thank you for your videos they are great and I enjoy watching them

  10. look we all know this is in no way an off road monster.. but on pavement this truck is incredible. faster, better handling, better on gas, much more quiet. plus it has all the creature comforts you can ever want in a mid size truck.. I agree I wish it had a more aggressive look. but its a honda and we all know honda an extremely conservative company especially in body style.. I will probably get one. the price is what's going to hurt

  11. Most people won’t use their “beast” of a truck for anything but hauling a built in tool bed a fishing boat. If you can drive the ridge line can do almost anything.
    2017 owner.

  12. An off-reader it is not. A real truck it is not, but a great option for many people, even truck buyers ( those who buy s truck to haul groceries, or as a status symbol.) great for city use, most small town use, but not country use or real work. But always use the right tool for the job, right?

  13. So the Edmunds Death Valley test made me chuckle. See: Ridgeline Death valley Torture test 2017

    Not radical mountain climbing offroad- but miles of dirt washboard road. The Tacoma and Frontier blew their shocks. The Ridgline survived with minor injury. A frame on body vs independent suspension has pros and cons- pretty simple. Off road to me is usually a dirt road and some ditches on my ranch. The AWD Ridgeline can handle either much better than my trusty 88 F-150. More clearance would be icing on the cake.

  14. The tires are shit. Most of what a truck can do depends on the driver skill and tires and tire pressure. I've seen dumbasses get stuck in the best offroading trucks and seen people romp cars like subarus and not get stuck… I drove a mitsubishi outlander on trails "not recommended" by those who were driving polaris and an outlander is a mom type crossover on some hard trails and did pretty good on some goat trails. I'd say an outlander is pretty similar to honda pilot and the ridgeline is very similar to the pilot. Unless you're trying to break shit a honda ridgeline though it looks ugly is a solid vehicle and will take you camping etc.

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