2017 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Review: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

( ) 2017 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Review: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

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  1. Toyota put a better looking grill on this than their more expensive luxury vehicles. I really don't understand this. Can someone explain this?

  2. I bought the Limited Hybrid last week and it is by FAR the best feeling vehicle I have ever owned and I have owned some nice cars before.

    The model they are showing in this video is the Limited Platinum Hybrid which is one level higher than the limited hybrid.

    Again, amazing vehicle.

  3. Love our new Highlander Hybrid Platinum Limited – how do we change the zones when you travel?  Also does the new Highlander show tire pressure like the old ones did?

  4. The Highlander was top of my list for my next car until I learned Toyota is the only major manufacturer refusing to integrate Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Also only offering halogen headlights. Toyota needs to join the modern world. Time to look into my other options more seriously.

  5. Wonderful machine. Wife and I bought one in July that was assembled at Indianapolis in March. We go easy with the gas pedal getting combined city/hwy fuel use of 6.87 L/100Km or 34.23 mpg(USA). We can travel in comfort & safety and bring along what we need. I shut-off the lane drift feature as it was annoying and over sensitive to tar filled road cracks. The cruise control with adjustable proximity is nice. The graphic display showing fuel flow is akin to that of new aircraft. This certainly raised my awareness of high fuel use when stepping on the pedal. Nothing wrong with economical driving habits. Navigation data is outdated and can only be updated by Toyota at a cost/update.

  6. I wonder if these hybrid cars can last how the regular gas cars last the same? Or I am going to need to change the hybrid battery every 8 or 10 years?

  7. the guy driving the car knows nothing. what are the important facts???? like when do you change the batteries???? How much do they cost????

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