2017 Toyota Highlander XLE: First Drive

We take a brief drive in the redesigned and upgraded 2017 Toyota Highlander, that received more power, more safety and a more choices for customers.

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  1. Nice looking ride. Not a fan of the fact there's 20 more hp in the Highlander's 3.5 than my Tacoma. Perhaps the torque curve or lack there of in my case is different….

  2. Hello Sam! (hello fred) I keep thinking about the sheepdogs keeping the wolf at bay in any number of loony toons! So my age maybe apparent! Still, the highlander is my 1st choice currently for purchase latter this year. 8 speed, but it's the addition of the entire Toyota's "safety suite" that gets it to the top of my list! Maybe Lincoln should try and keep up with the times!

  3. I bought this vehicle in December and Im super impressed with the AWD capabilities. It's a little slow in it's- off the line acceleration, but once out of first gear, it's great. Highly recommend this vehicle.

  4. It's difficult to describe how ugly this "wagon" is! I don't want to get crude so I'll leave it at that. Per eople actually go to a car lot and say…… HOW I WANT TO BUY THAT. That's funny stuff!!!

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